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Rivet – definition


A short metal pin or bolt for holding together two plates of metal, its headless end being beaten out or pressed down when in place.

Usage examples:

A rectangular plate containing an iron rivet

Join or fasten (plates of metal) with a rivet or rivets.

Usage examples:

The linings are bonded, not riveted, to the brake shoes for longer wear

Hold (someone or something) fast so as to make them incapable of movement.

Usage examples:

The grip on her arm was firm enough to rivet her to the spot

A metal pin used to fasten together flat pieces of metal or other thick materials such as leather

Usage examples:

Her performance riveted the audience.

Rivet translation into English

Rivet: translate from English into Chinese

Translate rivet into Chinese (Simplified)}
铆钉, 注目, 使固定

Rivet: translate from English into Dutch

Translate rivet into Dutch}
Klinknagel, Vastklinken, Klinken, Niet, Vastleggen, Bestendigen, Met klinknagels bevestigen, Vestigen

Rivet: translate from English into French

Translate rivet into French}
Rivet, River, Riveter, Attirer, Attirer l'attention

Rivet: translate from English into German

Translate rivet into German}
Niet, Niete, Vernieten, Nieten, Fesseln

Rivet: translate from English into Hindi

Translate rivet into Hindi}
कीलक, रिवेट, रिपट, कीलक से जोड़ना, कील, खूंटा

Rivet: translate from English into Italian

Translate rivet into Italian}
Rivetto, Ribattino, Rivettare, Inchiodare, Fissare, Attirare

Rivet: translate from English into Korean

Translate rivet into Korean}
대갈못, 대갈못을 박다, 대가리를 꾸부려 박다, 대갈못 따위를 대가리를 꾸부려 박다, 못 따위를 대가리를 꾸부려 박다, 고정시키다, 집중하다, 시선의 따위를 집중하다, 주의 따위를 집중하다

Rivet: translate from English into Russian

Translate rivet into Russian}
Заклепка, Клепать, Заклепывать, Приковывать, Склепывать

Rivet: translate from English into Spanish

Translate rivet into Spanish}
Remache, Remachar, Roblón, Clavar

Word origin

Middle English: from Old French, from river ‘fix, clinch’, of unknown ultimate origin.

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