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The meaning of Rising

Rising – definition


Going up, increasing, or sloping upward.

Usage examples:

The rising temperature

(of a bird) depicted with the wings open but not fully displayed, as if preparing for flight.


An armed protest against authority; a revolt.

Usage examples:

The warsaw rising of 1944

Move from a lower position to a higher one; come or go up.

Usage examples:

The tiny aircraft rose from the ground

Get up from lying, sitting, or kneeling.

Usage examples:

She pushed back her chair and rose

Cease to be submissive, obedient, or peaceful.

Usage examples:

The activists urged militant factions to rise up

(of a river) have its source.

Usage examples:

The euphrates rises in turkey

(of land or a natural feature) incline upwards; become higher.

Usage examples:

The moorlands rise and fall in gentle folds

Increase in number, size, amount, or degree.

Usage examples:

Land prices had risen

Approaching (a specified age).

Usage examples:

She was thirty-nine rising forty

An act of opposition, sometimes using violence, by many people in one area of a country against those who are in power

Usage examples:

The school accepts children who are rising five years old.

Rising translation into English

Rising: translate from English into Chinese

Translate rising into Chinese (Simplified)}
上升, 升起, 攀升, 新兴, 竖起, 暴动, 暲, 高涨的

Rising: translate from English into Dutch

Translate rising into Dutch}
Stijgende lijn, Opstand, Opkomend, Opklimmend

Rising: translate from English into French

Translate rising into French}
En hausse, Soulèvement, Hausse, Insurrection, Levant, Montant, Lever, Croissant, Élévation, Levée, Résurrection, Crue, Clôture des sessions

Rising: translate from English into German

Translate rising into German}
Steigend, Aufstand, Erhebung, Steigen, Ansteigen, Anstieg, Aufgang, Aufgehen, Auferstehung, Steigung, Aufgehend, Hochgehen, Aufkommend, Auseinandergehen, Waschend

Rising: translate from English into Hindi

Translate rising into Hindi}
उभरता हुआ, वृद्धि, उदय, विकास, चढ़ाव, ऊंचाई, उन्नति, उठान, उठनेवाला, उपर जानेवाला, चढनेवाला, विप्लव करनेवाला, फूलनेवाला, त्यागनेवाला, सीधा खड़ा होनेवाला, सीधा होनेवाला, उगनेवाला, निकलनेवाला, जीवित होनेवाला, अधिकता, बलवा करनेवाला, उन्नतिशील, वर्द्धमान, बढ़ने वाला, ऊपर उठने वाला, उदय होता हुआ

Rising: translate from English into Italian

Translate rising into Italian}
In aumento, Crescente, Insurrezione, Salita, Crescita, Nascente, Sommossa, Ascendente, Ascesa, Sorgente, Levante, Rivolta, Levata, Moto, Promettente, Miglioramento, Levatura

Rising: translate from English into Korean

Translate rising into Korean}
상승, 기립, 오르는, 기상, 분기, 솟는, 소생, 모반, ...에 가까운, ...이상의, 값이 오르는, 수 ...이상의, 증진하는, 양이 ...이상의, 향상하는, 오르막의, 치받이의, 발흥하는

Rising: translate from English into Russian

Translate rising into Russian}
Рост, Восстание, Повышение, Поднимающийся, Восход, Восходящий, Повышающийся, Возрастающий, Поднятие, Опухоль, Возвышение, Вставание, Прыщик, Приобретающий вес, Приобретающий влияние

Rising: translate from English into Spanish

Translate rising into Spanish}
Creciente, Sublevación, Naciente, Salida, Alcista, Nacimiento, Prometedor

Word origin

Old English rīsan ‘make an attack’, ‘wake, get out of bed’, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch rijzen and German reisen .

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