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The meaning of Rim


Rim – definition


The upper or outer edge of an object, typically something circular or approximately circular.

Usage examples:

A china egg cup with a gold rim



Form or act as an outer edge or rim for.

Usage examples:

A huge lake rimmed by glaciers

Lick or suck the anus of (someone) as a means of sexual stimulation.


Mauritania (international vehicle registration).

Rim translation into English

Rim: translate from English into Chinese

Translate rim into Chinese (Simplified)}
轮缘, 边, 边沿, 边框, 周边, 镶, 塝, 埸, 为 ... 之边

Rim: translate from English into Dutch

Translate rim into Dutch}
Rand, Omranden, Velg van een wiel

Rim: translate from English into French

Translate rim into French}
Jante, Rebord, Bord, Monture, Border, Entourer, Janter, Ferrer

Rim: translate from English into German

Translate rim into German}
Rand, Felge, Kranz, Radkranz, Krempe, Fassung

Rim: translate from English into Hindi

Translate rim into Hindi}
किनारा, नेमि, नेमि होना, किनारा होना, हाशिया, कोर

Rim: translate from English into Italian

Translate rim into Italian}
Orlo, Bordo, Cerchio, Cerchione, Corona, Margine, Montatura

Rim: translate from English into Korean

Translate rim into Korean}
가장자리, 테, 변두리, 수면, 속이다, 데두리, 수면을 붙이다

Rim: translate from English into Russian

Translate rim into Russian}
Обод, Край, Ободок, Оправа, Опорное кольцо, Бандаж, Обрамлять, Служить ободом, Снабжать ободком, Скоба, Водная поверхность

Rim: translate from English into Spanish

Translate rim into Spanish}
Borde, Llanta, Cerco, Canto, Montura

Word origin

from French République Islamique de Mauritanie .

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