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The meaning of Rigs


Rigs – definition


Provide (a sailing boat) with sails and rigging.

Usage examples:

The catamaran will be rigged as a ketch

Set up (equipment or a device or structure), typically in a makeshift or hasty way.

Usage examples:

He had rigged up a sort of tent

Provide (someone) with clothes of a particular type.

Usage examples:

A cavalry regiment rigged out in green and gold

Manage or conduct (something) fraudulently so as to gain an advantage.

Usage examples:

Charges of vote-rigging

The particular way in which a sailing boat's masts, sails, and rigging are arranged.

Usage examples:

A ketch rig

A device or piece of equipment designed for a particular purpose.

Usage examples:

A lighting rig

A person's costume, outfit, or style of dress.

Usage examples:

The rig of the american army air corps

A truck.

Usage examples:

More than 20 states have introduced anti-idling laws that were written primarily to stop truckers f…

A trick or swindle.


To arrange an event or amount in a dishonest way

Usage examples:

The station had rigged gasoline prices., until this year, all elections were rigged by the ruling p…

To dishonestly influence or change something in order to get the result that you want

Usage examples:

Several insurance companies have been accused of rigging their computer programs to produce artific…

Rigs translation into English

Rigs: translate from English into Chinese

Translate rigs into Chinese (Simplified)}
钻机, 操纵, 垄断, 服装, 垄断贩卖, 索具装置

Rigs: translate from English into Dutch

Translate rigs into Dutch}
Tuigage, Tuig, Optuigen, Tuigen, Optuiging, Takelage, Beïnvloeden, Uitrusten, Plunje, Optakelen, Bewerken, Kleding, Kostuum, Grap, Poets, Streek, In elkaar zetten, Voor de gek houden

Rigs: translate from English into French

Translate rigs into French}
Plates-formes, Gréement, Truquer, Plate-forme, Gréer, Derrick, Matériel, Manipuler, Tenue, Être gréé, Semi-remorque

Rigs: translate from English into German

Translate rigs into German}
Anlagen, Takelage, Manipulieren, Ausrüstung, Takelung, Sattelschlepper, Takeln

Rigs: translate from English into Hindi

Translate rigs into Hindi}
रिसाव, सामान, सामग्री, जहाज की रस्सियां

Rigs: translate from English into Italian

Translate rigs into Italian}
Impianti di perforazione, Impianto, Attrezzatura, Attrezzare, Manipolare, Armare, Truccare, Piattaforma petrolifera, Improvvisare, Abbigliamento, Mettere su, Vestire

Rigs: translate from English into Korean

Translate rigs into Korean}
굴착 장치, 도구, 복장, 말을 맨 마차, ...에 삭구를 장비하다, 준비하다, 치장하다, 임시 변통으로 만들다, 삭구를 장치하다, 배가 삭구를 장치하다, 부정수단으로 조종하다

Rigs: translate from English into Russian

Translate rigs into Russian}
Буровые установки, Снаряжение, Оснастка, Устройство, Оборудование, Буровая вышка, Вооружение, Парусное вооружение, Буровой станок, Приспособление, Оснащать, Экипаж, Мошенничать, Одежда, Рангоут и такелаж, Костюм, Плутни, Борозда, Наряд, Манера одеваться, Внешний вид человека, Упряжка, Выезд, Проделка, Уловка, Мошенничество, Спекулятивная скупка товаров, Вооружать, Действовать нечестно

Rigs: translate from English into Spanish

Translate rigs into Spanish}
Plataformas, Aparejo, Aparejar, Torre de perforación, Amañar, Plataforma de perforación, Atuendo, Falsificar, Enjarciar

Word origin

late 18th century (in the noun sense): of unknown origin.

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