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The meaning of Reeled


Reeled – definition


Wind something on to a reel by turning the reel.

Usage examples:

Sailplanes are often launched by means of a wire reeled in by a winch

Lose one's balance and stagger or lurch violently.

Usage examples:

He punched connolly in the ear, sending him reeling

Dance a reel.

Usage examples:

Anyone who wanted to dance could reel to the sound of the ceilidh band playing at the butter cross.

A cylinder on which film, wire, thread, or other flexible materials can be wound.

Usage examples:

A cotton reel

A lively scottish or irish folk dance.

Usage examples:

We put on the record player and danced reels

Reeled translation into English

Reeled: translate from English into Chinese

Translate reeled into Chinese (Simplified)}
卷起, 抽出, 卷 ... 于轴上, 趔趄

Reeled: translate from English into Dutch

Translate reeled into Dutch}
Opgerold, Haspelen, Zwieren

Reeled: translate from English into French

Translate reeled into French}
Enroulé, Chanceler, Vaciller, Tituber

Reeled: translate from English into German

Translate reeled into German}
Gerollt, Taumeln, Schwanken, Spulen, Torkeln, Aufspulen

Reeled: translate from English into Hindi

Translate reeled into Hindi}
रीलेड, अटेरना, लच्छा बनाना

Reeled: translate from English into Italian

Translate reeled into Italian}
Vacillato, Annaspare, Barcollare, Vacillare, Avvolgere, Girare, Arrotolare, Turbinare, Innaspare, Avere il capogiro

Reeled: translate from English into Korean

Translate reeled into Korean}
감았다, 릴로 감아 당기다, 얼레에 감다, 실패에 감다, 실을 얼레에 감다, 실을 실패에 감다, 실을 뽑다, 누에고치 따위에서 실을 뽑다, 비틀거리게 하다, 비틀거리다, 릴을 추다

Reeled: translate from English into Russian

Translate reeled into Russian}
Наматывается, Расшатанный, Намотанный на катушку

Reeled: translate from English into Spanish

Translate reeled into Spanish}
Enrollado, Tambalear, Devanar, Tambalearse a, Retroceder a, Cejar, Enjaretar de escudete

Word origin

Old English hrēol, denoting a rotatory device on which spun thread is wound; of unknown origin.

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