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Reef – definition


A ridge of jagged rock, coral, or sand just above or below the surface of the sea.

Usage examples:

Below are beautiful coral reefs, turtles, sharks and a clean ocean floor.

Each of the several strips across a sail which can be taken in or rolled up to reduce the area exposed to the wind.

Usage examples:

We had to sail her with ‘two reefs in’, a reduced sail area for the rough conditions.

Take in one or more reefs of (a sail).

Usage examples:

Reef the mainsail in strong winds

Reef translation into English

Reef: translate from English into Chinese

Translate reef into Chinese (Simplified)}
礁, 礁石, 收帆

Reef: translate from English into Dutch

Translate reef into Dutch}
Rif, Reef, Reven, Klip

Reef: translate from English into French

Translate reef into French}
Récif, Ris, Écueil, Prendre un ris dans

Reef: translate from English into German

Translate reef into German}
Riff, Reffen, Reff, Gang, Ader

Reef: translate from English into Hindi

Translate reef into Hindi}
चट्टान, जहाज के पाल को कम करना, लपेटना

Reef: translate from English into Italian

Translate reef into Italian}
Scogliera, Terzarolare, Scoglio, Terzarolo, Banco di scogli

Reef: translate from English into Korean

Translate reef into Korean}
암초, 축범부, 돛의 축범부, 돛을 줄이다

Reef: translate from English into Russian

Translate reef into Russian}
Риф, Подводная скала, Брать рифы, Золотоносный пласт, Рудная жила

Reef: translate from English into Spanish

Translate reef into Spanish}
Arrecife, Arrizar, Escollo

Word origin

Middle English: from Middle Dutch reef, rif, from Old Norse rif, literally ‘rib’, used in the same sense; compare with reef1.

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