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Rea – definition


The female of the ruff, philomachus pugnax; = "reeve".


A walled enclosure for sheep, cattle, or pigs, usually made of stone and often with a covered area. now also: a run or pen for poultry. frequently with distinguishing word; see also "sheep-ree".


A yard or enclosure in which coal is stored for sale. more fully "coal ree".


A type of riddle or sieve used for grain, pulses, etc.


Of a person: mad, frenzied, crazed. of a horse: frisky, restive, difficult to control.


To clean (grain, pulses, etc.) using a sieve, especially by sifting in a circular motion so that the chaff, etc., collects in the centre. compare ree . also without object: to sieve in this way.


Used as a command to a horse to turn to the right. also as noun: this command; an utterance of this.


Rare earth element(s).

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