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The meaning of Racked

Racked – definition


Place in or on a rack.

Usage examples:

The shoes were racked neatly beneath the dresses

Move by a rack and pinion.


Raise (rent) above a fair or normal amount.


(of a horse) move with a rack gait.


Go away.

Usage examples:

‘rack off mate, or you're going to cop it,’ he bellowed

Draw off (wine, beer, etc.) from the sediment in the barrel.

Usage examples:

The wine is racked off into large oak casks

(of a cloud) be driven before the wind.

Usage examples:

A thin shred of cloud racking across the moon

A framework, typically with rails, bars, hooks, or pegs, for holding or storing things.

Usage examples:

A spice rack

A cogged or toothed bar or rail engaging with a wheel or pinion, or using pegs to adjust the position of something.

Usage examples:

A steering rack

An instrument of torture consisting of a frame on which the victim was stretched by turning rollers to which the wrists and ankles were tied.

Usage examples:

When we finally emerged from the cave after an eight-hour trip it was as if we had spent the last e…

A triangular structure for positioning the balls in pool.

Usage examples:

Megan put her and alysha's balls in the racks.

A woman's breasts.

Usage examples:

That chick's got a nice rack

A set of antlers.

Usage examples:

Moose have the most impressive racks of all the antlered animals

A bed.

Usage examples:

They ‘hot-bunk’ - sharing the use of a rack with a shipmate working an alternate watch.

A horse's gait in which both hoofs on either side in turn are lifted almost simultaneously, and all four hoofs are off the ground together at certain moments.


A joint of meat, typically lamb, that includes the front ribs.

Usage examples:

My favourite dish on the menu was a densely seasoned rack of lamb

A mass of high, thick, fast-moving clouds.

Usage examples:

There was a thin moon, a rack of cloud

Racked translation into English

Racked: translate from English into Chinese

Translate racked into Chinese (Simplified)}
绞尽脑汁, 折磨

Racked: translate from English into Dutch

Translate racked into Dutch}
Gepijnigd, Pijnigen, Kwellen, Folteren, Klaren, Op de pijnbank leggen, Spannen, Jagen, Drijven

Racked: translate from English into French

Translate racked into French}
Racketté, Torturer, Tourmenter

Racked: translate from English into German

Translate racked into German}
Verwüstet, Quälen, Foltern, Plagen, Abfüllen, Abstechen

Racked: translate from English into Hindi

Translate racked into Hindi}
रैक किया हुआ, सताना, मरोड़ना, हटया करना, कष्ट देना, कसकर फैलाना

Racked: translate from English into Italian

Translate racked into Italian}
Travasato, Rastrellare, Torturare, Sforzare

Racked: translate from English into Korean

Translate racked into Korean}
랙, 고문하다, 착취하다, 소작인 등을 착취하다, 바람에 불리어 고공을 날아가다, 구름 따위가 바람에 불리어 고공을 날아가다, 측대보로 달리다, 측대보로 느리게 구보하다, 말이 측대보로 달리다, 말이 0측대보로 느리게 구보하다

Racked: translate from English into Russian

Translate racked into Russian}
Ломаный, Мучить, Напрягать, Изнурять, Сцеживать вино, Пытать, Истощать, Класть в сетку, Класть на полку, Заставлять работать сверх сил, Нестись, Идти иноходью

Racked: translate from English into Spanish

Translate racked into Spanish}
Atormentado, Atormentar, Trasegar

Word origin

Middle English (denoting a rush or collision): probably of Scandinavian origin; compare with Norwegian and Swedish dialect rak ‘wreckage’, from reka ‘to drive’.

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