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The meaning of Punted

Punted – definition


Travel in a punt.

Usage examples:

In summer you can enjoy punting along the river

Bet or speculate on something; gamble.

Usage examples:

Investors are punting on a takeover

Kick (the ball) a long distance upfield.

Usage examples:

The leeds player kindly punted the ball back to them

Kick (the ball) after it has dropped from the hands and before it reaches the ground.

Usage examples:

He used to be able to punt a football farther than anyone

Delay in answering or taking action; equivocate.

Usage examples:

He would continue to punt on questions of medicare

(in some gambling card games) lay a stake against the bank.

Usage examples:

Therefore, if you were punting with a stake of £2 per point, you would win 32 x £2 = £64.

A long, narrow flat-bottomed boat, square at both ends and propelled with a long pole, used on inland waters chiefly for recreation.

Usage examples:

I had no oars because i thought i could propel the punt with a primitive sail that i had assembled.

An act of punting a ball.

Usage examples:

Wood failed to cut out a long punt from nicholas

A bet or gamble.

Usage examples:

Many investors will take a punt on the chance that the shares will recover

An attempt to do something.

Usage examples:

I thought i'd take a punt at crystal ball gazing and attempt to predict the headlines for next season

(until the introduction of the euro in 2002) the basic monetary unit of the republic of ireland, equal to 100 pence.

Usage examples:

The old punt is equal to one euro and twenty seven cent.

Past simple and past participle of punt

Usage examples:

We were running out of time, so we decided to punt the sightseeing and just go shopping., we punted…

Punted translation into English

Punted: translate from English into Chinese

Translate punted into Chinese (Simplified)}
踢了, 踢, 用篙撑

Punted: translate from English into Dutch

Translate punted into Dutch}
Gepunt, Bomen, Wedden op paarden, Tegen de bank spelen, In een punter vervoeren

Punted: translate from English into French

Translate punted into French}
Botté, Envoyer un coup de volée, Aller se promener en bachot

Punted: translate from English into German

Translate punted into German}
Gestochen, Stochern, Staken, Spielen, Abschlagen, Schießen, Wetten

Punted: translate from English into Hindi

Translate punted into Hindi}
Punted, पटेला चलाना

Punted: translate from English into Italian

Translate punted into Italian}
Puntato, Calciare al volo, Spingere con pertica

Punted: translate from English into Korean

Translate punted into Korean}
펀트, 상앗대질을 하다, 펀트를 타고 가다, 물주에게 대항하여 돈을 걸다, 땅에 떨어지기 전에 차다, 땅에 떨어지기 전에 공을 차다

Punted: translate from English into Russian

Translate punted into Russian}
Пробитый, Выбивать из рук, Понтировать, Ставить ставку на лошадь, Поддавать ногой, Плыть, отталкиваясь шестом

Punted: translate from English into Spanish

Translate punted into Spanish}
Puntiagudo, Apostar, Llevar en batea, Patear la pelota, Jugar contra la banca, Ir en batea, Dar una patada a, Hacer avanzar con el bichero

Word origin

early 18th century: from French ponte ‘player against the bank’, from Spanish punto ‘a point’.

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