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The meaning of Pulled


Pulled – definition


Exert force on (someone or something) so as to cause movement towards oneself.

Usage examples:

He pulled them down on to the couch

Move steadily in a specified direction or manner.

Usage examples:

The bus was about to pull away

Attract (someone) as a customer; cause to show interest in something.

Usage examples:

Anyone can enter the show if they have a good act and the ability to pull a crowd

Cancel or withdraw (an entertainment or advertisement).

Usage examples:

The gig was pulled at the first sign of difficulty

Play (the ball) round to the leg side from the off.

Usage examples:

After pulling the ball over midwicket, cairns showed he was no one-trick pony.

(of a lineman) withdraw from and cross behind the line of scrimmage to block opposing players and clear the way for a runner.

Usage examples:

He may be their best ever lineman—he can run and pull with the best

Print (a proof).

Usage examples:

A proof sheet would be pulled, and read against the manuscript.

Bring out (a weapon) for use against someone.

Usage examples:

It's not every day a young woman pulls a gun on a burglar

Damage (a muscle, ligament, etc.) by abnormal strain.

Usage examples:

He pulled a calf muscle in the first half of the game and had to be replaced

An act of pulling something.

Usage examples:

Give the hair a quick pull and it comes out by the roots

A force drawing someone or something in a particular direction.

Usage examples:

The pull of the water tore her away

(in sport) a pulling stroke.

Usage examples:

Proficient with all strokes, his best scoring stroke was the pull, played all along the ground betw…

A printer's proof.

Usage examples:

Proof ‘pulls’ of world war propaganda posters are quite rare.

Used to describe meat that is cooked slowly until it is very soft, so that it can be easily pulled apart into strips when it is served

Usage examples:

A recipe for pulled pork with barbecue sauce

Pulled translation into English

Pulled: translate from English into Chinese

Translate pulled into Chinese (Simplified)}
拉, 拔, 扳, 扯, 挽, 拖, 扣, 揪, 划, 起, 牵线, 搐, 攀, 划船, 撦, 掣, 窣

Pulled: translate from English into Dutch

Translate pulled into Dutch}
Getrokken, Trekken, Halen, Rukken, Plukken, Scheuren, Roeien, Verrekken, Afdrukken

Pulled: translate from English into French

Translate pulled into French}
Tiré, Tirer, Retirer, Sortir, Enlever, Traîner, Ôter, Cueillir, Manier, Vider, Se déchirer, Se froisser, Effectuer, Se claquer

Pulled: translate from English into German

Translate pulled into German}
Gezogen, Ziehen, Herausziehen, Reißen, Anziehen, Zerren, Durchziehen, Fahren, Drehen, Verziehen, Rudern, Zapfen, Ausnehmen, Bedrohen

Pulled: translate from English into Hindi

Translate pulled into Hindi}
खींचा, खींचना, उठाना, तोड़ना, उखाड़ना, शक्ति लगाना, दबाना, ढकेलना

Pulled: translate from English into Italian

Translate pulled into Italian}
Tirato, Tirare, Togliere, Premere, Trascinare, Trainare, Attirare, Tirar fuori, Trarre, Raccogliere, Demolire, Spillare, Stroncare, Risparmiare

Pulled: translate from English into Korean

Translate pulled into Korean}
당겨, 당기다, 하다, 피우다, 젓다, 얻다, 끌다, 짓다, 세우다, 잡아뽑다, 남의 후원을 얻다, 보트를 젓다, 여러 가지 얼굴 표정을 하다, 여러 가지 얼굴 표정을 짓다, 인쇄기를 손으로 움직여 인쇄하다, 왼쪽으로 끌어당겨 치다, 오른쪽으로 끌어당겨 치다, 왼손잡이 타자이면 오른쪽으로 끌어당겨 치다, 공을 오른쪽으로 끌어당겨 치다, 공을 왼손잡이 타자이면 오른쪽으로 끌어당겨 치다, 사기 따위를 세우다, 피스톨 따위를 뽑다, 나이프 따위를 뽑다, 통 따위에서 내다, 통 따위에서 따르다, 맥주를 통 따위에서 내다, 맥주를 통 따위에서 따르다, 잡아당기다, 움직이다, 끌리어 움직이다, 사람이 배를 젓다, 배를 젓다, 말을 안듣다, 말이 말을 안듣다, 파이프 따위를 피우다, 담배 따위를 피우다, 후원을 얻다

Pulled: translate from English into Russian

Translate pulled into Russian}
Вытащил, Тянутый

Pulled: translate from English into Spanish

Translate pulled into Spanish}
Tirado, Tirar, Extraer, Arrancar, Apretar, Hacer, Arrastrar, Halar, Atraer, Mover, Detener, Tensar, Remar, Salir de un apuro, Tirar algo, Hacer avanzar remando, Golpear oblicuamente, Dar chupadas a, Repropiarse, Recomendar

Word origin

Old English pullian ‘pluck, snatch’; origin uncertain; the sense has developed from expressing a short sharp action to one of sustained force.

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