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The meaning of Pried


Pried – definition


Another term for prise.

Usage examples:

He pried his left leg free

Past simple and past participle of pry

Usage examples:

As a reporter, i was paid to pry into other people's lives., i hope you don't think i'm prying, but…

Pried translation into English

Pried: translate from English into Chinese

Translate pried into Chinese (Simplified)}
撬, 窥探, 讦, 刺探, 窥, 管闲事, 用杠杆撬开, 闚

Pried: translate from English into Dutch

Translate pried into Dutch}
Geprikkeld, Loeren, Snuffelen, Gluren, Turen

Pried: translate from English into French

Translate pried into French}
Forcée, Regarder fixement, Filer un coup d'œil vers

Pried: translate from English into German

Translate pried into German}
Gepriesen, Neugierig sein, Aufbrechen, Schnüffeln, Herumschnüffeln

Pried: translate from English into Hindi

Translate pried into Hindi}
प्रीड, निहारना, भेद लेना, खोद खोदकर पूछना, ताक-झाँक करना

Pried: translate from English into Italian

Translate pried into Italian}
Preda, Aprire, Togliere coperchio, Essere troppo curioso

Pried: translate from English into Korean

Translate pried into Korean}
프라이드, 캐내다, 형편을 살피다, 지레로 들어올리다, 지레로 움직이다, 비밀 따위를 캐내다

Pried: translate from English into Russian

Translate pried into Russian}
Взволнованный, Подглядывать, Совать нос, Подсматривать, Вырывать, Любопытствовать, Извлекать с трудом, Поднимать посредством рычага, Взламывать посредством рычага

Pried: translate from English into Spanish

Translate pried into Spanish}
Forzado, Curiosear, Entrometerse, Fisgonear, Fisgar, Abrir con una palanca, Oler

Word origin

early 19th century: from the verb prise, interpreted as pries, third person singular of the present tense.

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