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The meaning of Pale


Pale – definition


Light in colour or shade; containing little colour or pigment.

Usage examples:

Choose pale floral patterns for walls

Inferior or unimpressive.

Usage examples:

The new cheese is a pale imitation of continental cheeses

Become pale in one's face from shock or fear.

Usage examples:

I paled at the thought of what she might say

Seem or become less important.

Usage examples:

All else pales by comparison

A wooden stake or post used with others to form a fence.

Usage examples:

Get creative with a picket fence and have diagonal pales nailed to the horizontal boards.

An area within determined bounds, or subject to a particular jurisdiction.

Usage examples:

The 3 major english lords whose estates were within the pale continued to exist, and formed allianc…

A broad vertical stripe down the middle of a shield.

Usage examples:

A narrow pale is more likely if it is uncharged, that is, if it does not have other objects placed …

Pale translation into English

Pale: translate from English into Chinese

Translate pale into Chinese (Simplified)}
苍白, 淡, 灰白, 隐约, 桩, 范围, 桩子, 砦

Pale: translate from English into Dutch

Translate pale into Dutch}
Bleek, Verbleken, Verbleekt, Flets, Grenzen, Bleek worden, Flauw, Mat, Dof, Paal, Grens, Ompalen, Omheinen, Insluiten, Grenspaal

Pale: translate from English into French

Translate pale into French}
Pâle, Pâlir, Blême, Blafard, Blond, Blêmir, Palissade, Pieu, Devenir blême, Comportement inacceptable

Pale: translate from English into German

Translate pale into German}
Blass, Bleich, Hell, Verblassen, Erblassen, Fahl, Erbleichen, Pfahl, Blass werden, Verbleichen, Käsig

Pale: translate from English into Hindi

Translate pale into Hindi}
फीका, पीला, कमज़ोर, सीमा, ज़र्द, अहाता, विवर्ण, धुंधला, निर्बल, कील, खूंटा, घेरा, अहाता स्थापित करना, फीका पड़ना, ज़र्द पड़ना, पीला हो जाना, धूँधला हो जाना, पांडु, जर्द

Pale: translate from English into Italian

Translate pale into Italian}
Pallido, Chiaro, Impallidire, Smorto, Palo, Debole, Scialbo, Limite, Confine, Recinto, Slavato, Recintare

Pale: translate from English into Korean

Translate pale into Korean}
창백한, 엷은, 한계, 말뚝, 약한, 경계, 안색 따위 창백한, 색이 엷은, 어둠침침한, 중앙의 세로줄 무늬, 방패의 중앙의 세로줄 무늬, 창백해지다, 창백하게 하다, ...에 말뚝을 두르다

Pale: translate from English into Russian

Translate pale into Russian}
Бледный, Бледнеть, Слабый, Тусклый, Черта, Черта оседлости, Пределы, Тускнеть, Частокол, Кол, Рамки, Бледнить, Ограда, Белолицый, Заставить побледнеть, Огораживать, Обносить палисадом, Обносить частоколом, Свая, Граница

Pale: translate from English into Spanish

Translate pale into Spanish}
Pálido, Palidecer, Límites, Palo, Estaca, Deslucido, Languidecer, Rodeado, Hacer pálido, Cercado, Limitar

Word origin

Middle English: from Old French pal, from Latin palus ‘stake’.

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