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Olives – definition


A small oval fruit with a hard stone and bitter flesh, green when unripe and bluish black when ripe, used as food and as a source of oil.

Usage examples:

A dish of cauliflower with black olives

The small evergreen tree which produces olives and which has narrow leaves with silvery undersides, native to warm regions of the old world.

Usage examples:

The olive is an evergreen with foliage of a distinctive silvery-green.

A greyish-green colour like that of an unripe olive.

Usage examples:

Shades of gold, olive, and black

A slice of beef or veal made into a roll with stuffing inside and stewed.

Usage examples:

I went off-menu for the main course, choosing the spicy moroccan casserole of chicken and lamb saus…

A marine mollusc with a smooth, roughly cylindrical shell which is typically brightly coloured.

Usage examples:

The blue-winged olive and pale watery populations have suffered similar falls.

Each of a pair of smooth, oval swellings in the medulla oblongata.

Usage examples:

The arterial supply and the microanatomy of the anterior surface of the medulla oblongata and olive…

A metal ring or fitting which is tightened under a threaded nut to form a seal, as in a compression joint.

Usage examples:

Alternatively, the front bearing assembly could be reversed, with the shaft mounted in the flow str…


Usage examples:

A small figure in olive fatigues

A small, oval fruit eaten raw or cooked or pressed to make oil, or the evergreen tree on which this fruit grows

Olives translation into English

Olives: translate from English into Chinese

Translate olives into Chinese (Simplified)}
橄榄, 榄, 橄

Olives: translate from English into Dutch

Translate olives into Dutch}
Olijven, Blinde vinken

Olives: translate from English into French

Translate olives into French}
Olives, Olive, Olivier, Bois d'olivier

Olives: translate from English into German

Translate olives into German}
Oliven, Olive, Olivenbaum

Olives: translate from English into Hindi

Translate olives into Hindi}

Olives: translate from English into Italian

Translate olives into Italian}
Olive, Oliva, Ulivo

Olives: translate from English into Korean

Translate olives into Korean}
올리브, 올리브 빛깔, 얇게 썬 쇠고기를 야채에 싸서 찐 요리, 어린아이, 올리브나무의 가지, 올리브나무

Olives: translate from English into Russian

Translate olives into Russian}
Оливки, Оливка, Маслина, Олива, Олив, Оливковый цвет, Дети, Масличная ветвь, Оливковая ветвь, Древесина оливкового дерева

Olives: translate from English into Spanish

Translate olives into Spanish}
Olivos, Aceituna, Oliva, Olivo, Olivera

Word origin

Middle English: via Old French from Latin oliva, from Greek elaia, from elaion ‘oil’.

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