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Naughty – definition


(especially of a child) badly behaved; disobedient.

Usage examples:

You've been a really naughty boy


Usage examples:

The future bible heroes' new album is in very real danger of being a good deed in a naughty world, …

(esp. of children) behaving badly and not being obedient, or (esp. of behavior or language) not socially acceptable

Usage examples:

A naughty girl, a naughty word

When children are naughty, or their behaviour is naughty, they behave badly or do not do what they are told to do

Usage examples:

Now that's naughty - don't throw food on the floor!, our boss treats us all like naughty children.

Used slightly humorously to describe an adult who has behaved badly or an adult's bad action

Usage examples:

"i'm afraid i borrowed your car without asking." "yes, that was very naughty of you - i needed it a…

Involving or suggesting sex

Usage examples:

The film was shown on television but they cut out all the naughty scenes., he always buys her naugh…

Naughty translation into English

Naughty: translate from English into Chinese

Translate naughty into Chinese (Simplified)}
淘气, 顽皮, 调皮, 顽

Naughty: translate from English into Dutch

Translate naughty into Dutch}
Ondeugend, Stout, Ondeugd, Slecht, Zondig, Onwelvoeglijk

Naughty: translate from English into French

Translate naughty into French}
Vilain, Méchant, Coquin, Polisson, Pas sage, Désobéissant, Grivois, Paillard

Naughty: translate from English into German

Translate naughty into German}
Frech, Unartig, Ungezogen, Böse, Schlimm, Unanständig, Ungehorsam, Dreist, Neckisch

Naughty: translate from English into Hindi

Translate naughty into Hindi}
बदमाश, शरारती, नटखट, शैतान, भ्रष्ट, बिगड़ा हुआ, ख़राब, दुष्ट

Naughty: translate from English into Italian

Translate naughty into Italian}
Cattivo, Impertinente, Disubbidiente, Indecente

Naughty: translate from English into Korean

Translate naughty into Korean}
못된, 성교, 장난꾸러기의, 아슬아슬한

Naughty: translate from English into Russian

Translate naughty into Russian}
Непослушный, Озорной, Капризный, Шаловливый, Гадкий, Дурной, Испорченный, Неприличный, Сомнительный, Рискованный

Naughty: translate from English into Spanish

Translate naughty into Spanish}
Travieso, Malo, Desobediente, Pícaro, Atrevido, Revoltoso, Picante, Verde, Escabroso, Maleta, Colorado

Word origin

late Middle English: from naught + -y1. The earliest recorded sense was ‘possessing nothing’; the sense ‘wicked’ also dates from late Middle English, and gave rise to the current senses.

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