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The meaning of Mule

Mule – definition


The offspring of a donkey and a horse (strictly, a male donkey and a female horse), typically sterile and used as a beast of burden.

Usage examples:

The israelites used various beasts of burden - mules, horses, camels and oxen.

A hybrid plant or animal, especially a sterile one.

Usage examples:

Finch mules have always been more difficult to breed than the canaries or finches themselves, but s…

A kind of spinning machine producing yarn on spindles, invented by samuel crompton in 1779.

Usage examples:

His near contemporary, the shy and upright samuel crompton invented the spinning mule that allowed …

A small tractor or locomotive, typically one that is electrically powered.

Usage examples:

The trolley pole is mounted on a cylindrical bearing member secured to the side of an electric mule…

A coin with the obverse and reverse of designs not originally intended to be used together.

Usage examples:

There are three recognised mule coins from the republic of india.

A woman's slipper or light shoe without a back.

Usage examples:

Throwbacks to a swell fashion trend of yesteryear, they spice up any pair of shoes, from ballet fla…

An animal whose mother is a horse and whose father is a donkey, used esp. for transporting loads

Mule translation into English

Mule: translate from English into Chinese

Translate mule into Chinese (Simplified)}
骡子, 马骡, 倔强之人

Mule: translate from English into Dutch

Translate mule into Dutch}
Muilezel, Muildier, Muil, Muiltje, Stijfkop, Slof, Bastaard, Fijnspinmachine, Pantoffel, Dwaaskop

Mule: translate from English into French

Translate mule into French}
Mule, Mulet, Entêté

Mule: translate from English into German

Translate mule into German}
Maultier, Maulesel, Pantoffel, Schlappen, Selfaktor

Mule: translate from English into Hindi

Translate mule into Hindi}
खच्चर, मुले, हठी व्यक्ति, हठी मनुष्य, सूत काटने का यंत्र, ट्रैक्टर

Mule: translate from English into Italian

Translate mule into Italian}
Mulo, Ciabatta

Mule: translate from English into Korean

Translate mule into Korean}
노새, 노새, 뒤축 없는 슬리퍼, 뒤축 없는 슬리퍼, 잡종, 잡종, 외고집쟁이, 외고집쟁이, 동식물의 잡종, 동식물의 잡종, 뮬 정방기, 뮬 정방기

Mule: translate from English into Russian

Translate mule into Russian}
Мул, Мюль, Мяукать, Упрямец, Толкач, Тягач, Тапочка, Домашняя туфля без задника, Гибрид, Ныть, Хныкать, Мюль-машина

Mule: translate from English into Spanish

Translate mule into Spanish}
Mula, Mulo, Babucha

Word origin

mid 16th century: from French, ‘slipper’.

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