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The meaning of Mulch


Mulch – definition


Material (such as decaying leaves, bark, or compost) spread around or over a plant to enrich or insulate the soil.

Usage examples:

Cover with shredded bark mulch, straw, hay or evergreen boughs to protect them over the winter.

Treat or cover with mulch.

Usage examples:

The perennials have been cut back and mulched

A covering, esp. of decaying leaves, grass, or plant material, used to keep water in the earth near plants or to protect them from weeds (= unwanted plants)

Mulch translation into English

Mulch: translate from English into Chinese

Translate mulch into Chinese (Simplified)}
覆盖物, 护盖物, 护根, 做护根

Mulch: translate from English into Dutch

Translate mulch into Dutch}
Hakselhout, Mulch, Muls, Bedekken met mulch

Mulch: translate from English into French

Translate mulch into French}
Paillis, Couvrir de paillis

Mulch: translate from English into German

Translate mulch into German}

Mulch: translate from English into Hindi

Translate mulch into Hindi}
गीली घास, घास-पात से ढांकना, पतवार से ढंकना, घास-पात, पतवार

Mulch: translate from English into Italian

Translate mulch into Italian}
Pacciame, Ricoprire di pacciame

Mulch: translate from English into Korean

Translate mulch into Korean}
뿌리 덮개, ...에 뿌리 덮개를 하다

Mulch: translate from English into Russian

Translate mulch into Russian}
Мульча, Мульчировать

Mulch: translate from English into Spanish

Translate mulch into Spanish}
Mantillo, Pajote, Capote, Cubrir con mantillo, Cubrir con capote

Word origin

mid 17th century: probably from dialect mulch ‘soft’ used as a noun, from Old English melsc, mylsc .

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