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The meaning of Move in

Move in – definition


Occupy a place

phrasal verb

Take possession of a new house.

Usage examples:

When i first moved in i painted everything magnolia
phrasal verb

Intervene, especially so as to attack or take control.

Usage examples:

Food and water was scarce before soldiers moved in to rescue residents
phrasal verb

Spend one's time or be active in a particular environment or social group.

Usage examples:

She moved in the pop and art worlds
phrasal verb

To go to a different place and begin to live or work there

Usage examples:

High business taxes prevent new businesses from moving in.

Move in translation into English

Move in: translate from English into Chinese

Translate move in into Chinese (Simplified)}

Move in: translate from English into Dutch

Translate move in into Dutch}
Intrekken, Binnengaan, Binnenbrengen, Een huis betrekken

Move in: translate from English into French

Translate move in into French}
Emménager, Entrer

Move in: translate from English into German

Translate move in into German}
Einziehen, Kommen, Anrücken, Ankommen, Hineinziehen, Einsetzen, Hineinstellen, Hereinstellen, Einrücken lassen, Hineinfahren, Einräumen, Sich nähern, Näher herankommen, Näher herangehen, Anfangen, Auf den plan treten

Move in: translate from English into Hindi

Translate move in into Hindi}
में स्थानांतरित, निकट आ जाना, नज़दीक आना, भीतर जाना, अंदर आना

Move in: translate from English into Italian

Translate move in into Italian}

Move in: translate from English into Korean

Translate move in into Korean}
이사 오다, 출입하다

Move in: translate from English into Russian

Translate move in into Russian}
Входить, Въезжать, Вдвигать, Вводить

Move in: translate from English into Spanish

Translate move in into Spanish}
Mudarse, Avanzar, Instalarse, Hacer entrar

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