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The meaning of May

May – definition


The hawthorn or its blossom.

Usage examples:

The may is just barely starting to open here, but leaves are out

The fifth month of the year, in the northern hemisphere usually considered the last month of spring.

Usage examples:

The new model makes its showroom debut in may

Thorny shrub of a small tree having white to scarlet flowers

modal verb

Expressing possibility.

Usage examples:

That may be true
modal verb

Used to ask for or to give permission.

Usage examples:

You may confirm my identity with your case officer, if you wish
modal verb

Expressing a wish or hope.

Usage examples:

May she rest in peace
modal verb

Used to express possibility

Usage examples:

She said she may decide to accept the job offer and may not., may i use your telephone?, you may wa…

May translation into English

May: translate from English into Chinese

Translate may into Chinese (Simplified)}
可能, 可以, 可, 能, 堪

May: translate from English into Dutch

Translate may into Dutch}
Kunnen, Mogen, Meidoorn, Maagd

May: translate from English into French

Translate may into French}
Peut, Pouvoir, Avoir la possibilité de

May: translate from English into German

Translate may into German}
Kann, Können, Dürfen, Mögen

May: translate from English into Hindi

Translate may into Hindi}
मई, सकना, आज्ञा पाना, संभव होना

May: translate from English into Italian

Translate may into Italian}
Maggio, Potere, Essere possibile, Essere lecito, Avere il permesso di, Essere permesso, Essere probabile, Fiore di biancospino

May: translate from English into Korean

Translate may into Korean}
5월, 할 수 있다, 좋다, 허가 ...하여도 좋다, 허가 ...하여도 무방하다, 인용 ...라고 말하여도 무방하다, ...인지도 모르다, 부디 ...이기를, ...하도록 하다, ...하기 위하여, ...할 수 있도록, 설사 ...할지라도

May: translate from English into Russian

Translate may into Russian}
Май, Может, Мочь, Иметь возможность, Быть вероятным, Дева

May: translate from English into Spanish

Translate may into Spanish}
Mayo, Poder, Ser posible, Flor del espino

Word origin

late Old English, from Old French mai, from Latin Maius (mensis ) ‘(month) of the goddess Maia’.

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