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The meaning of Marry


Marry – definition


Join together; combine harmoniously.

Usage examples:

The show marries poetry with art

Expressing surprise, indignation, or emphatic assertion.

Usage examples:

Marry he doth consider, that by the king's majesty, with all your advices and the consent of the no…

To become the legally accepted husband or wife of someone in an official or religious ceremony

Usage examples:

[ t ] he married lori, his girlfriend from high school., [ t ] judge wilcox married us at city hall.

Marry translation into English

Marry: translate from English into Chinese

Translate marry into Chinese (Simplified)}
结婚, 嫁, 成婚, 婚, 媾, 成亲

Marry: translate from English into Dutch

Translate marry into Dutch}
Trouwen, Huwen, Uithuwelijken, Paren, In de echt verbinden, Tot vrouw nemen, Nauw verbinden

Marry: translate from English into French

Translate marry into French}
Marier, Épouser, Se marier avec, S'allier, S'apparenter à

Marry: translate from English into German

Translate marry into German}
Heiraten, Verheiraten, Vermählen, Trauen, Sich verheiraten, Sich vermählen, Ineinander passen

Marry: translate from English into Hindi

Translate marry into Hindi}
शादी कर, शादी करना, विवाह करना, ब्याह करना, जोड़ना, मिलाना, जोड़ देना

Marry: translate from English into Italian

Translate marry into Italian}
Sposare, Sposarsi, Maritare, Maritarsi, Accasare

Marry: translate from English into Korean

Translate marry into Korean}
결혼하다, 얻다, 꼬아 합치다, 굳게 결합시키다, ...의 결혼식을 거행하다, 시집가다, 밧줄 따위를 꼬아 합치다, 목사가 ...의 결혼식을 거행하다, 장가들다, ...와 결혼하다

Marry: translate from English into Russian

Translate marry into Russian}
Жениться, Замуж, Вступать в брак, Выйти замуж, Выходить замуж, Женить, Сочетать, Обвенчать, Повенчать, Выдавать замуж, Соединять, Пережениться, Сплеснивать

Marry: translate from English into Spanish

Translate marry into Spanish}
Casar, Casarse, Desposar

Word origin

late Middle English: variant of Mary1.

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