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The meaning of Leakage

Leakage – definition


The accidental admission or escape of liquid or gas through a hole or crack.

Usage examples:

We're saving water by reducing leakage

Deliberate disclosure of confidential information.

Usage examples:

Suspicion as to the source of the leakage had fallen on a variety of people

The condition of leaking

Usage examples:

The cause of the leakage of the chemical is under investigation, he said.

A situation in which a liquid or gas escapes from an opening in a pipe or container, or the amount that escapes

Usage examples:

Continued leakage from the plant means that the river remains polluted., leakage of sth three diffe…

Leakage translation into English

Leakage: translate from English into Chinese

Translate leakage into Chinese (Simplified)}
泄漏, 渗漏, 漏出, 渗漏量

Leakage: translate from English into Dutch

Translate leakage into Dutch}
Lekkage, Lek, Verdwijning, Het afluisteren, Geldgebrek

Leakage: translate from English into French

Translate leakage into French}
Fuite, Perte

Leakage: translate from English into German

Translate leakage into German}
Leckage, Auslaufen, Verlust, Auslauf

Leakage: translate from English into Hindi

Translate leakage into Hindi}
रिसाव के, रिसाव, लीकेज, रसाव, टपकन, रिसन, रहस्योद्रघाटन, टपक, भेद खुलना

Leakage: translate from English into Italian

Translate leakage into Italian}
Perdita, Dispersione, Colatura, Indiscrezione

Leakage: translate from English into Korean

Translate leakage into Korean}
누출, 새기, 새는 양

Leakage: translate from English into Russian

Translate leakage into Russian}
Утечка, Течь, Просачивание, Рассеяние

Leakage: translate from English into Spanish

Translate leakage into Spanish}
Fuga, Escape, Filtración, Gotera, Apuramiento

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