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Lance – definition


A long weapon with a wooden shaft and a pointed steel head, formerly used by a horseman in charging.

Usage examples:

The warriors bore lances tipped with iron or steel

A metal pipe supplying a jet of oxygen to a furnace or to make a very hot flame for cutting.

Usage examples:

Five basic processes are involved: oxy fuel gas cutting, metal powder cutting, chemical flux cuttin…

A rigid tube at the end of a hose for pumping or spraying liquid.

Usage examples:

This is one of those things where you drop a coin in the slot and then use a brush and a power spra…

Prick or cut open (an abscess or boil) with a lancet or other sharp instrument.

Usage examples:

Abscesses should not be lanced until there is a soft spot in the centre

A long, thin pole with a sharp point that soldiers used in the past as a weapon when riding horses

Usage examples:

She had a boil lanced at the doctor's this morning.

Lance translation into English

Lance: translate from English into Chinese

Translate lance into Chinese (Simplified)}
槊, 长矛, 矛, 戛, 戣, 殳

Lance: translate from English into Dutch

Translate lance into Dutch}
Lans, Doorprikken, Speer, Slingeren, Doorsteken, Lanster

Lance: translate from English into French

Translate lance into French}
Lance, Inciser, Lancette, Pique, Percer

Lance: translate from English into German

Translate lance into German}
Lanze, Aufstechen, Schneiden, Öffnen, Aufschneiden, Eröffnen, Anstechen

Lance: translate from English into Hindi

Translate lance into Hindi}
बरछा, लांस, नश्तर लगाना, बल्लम, शूल, चुभाना, भाला भोंकना

Lance: translate from English into Italian

Translate lance into Italian}
Lancia, Incidere, Ferire, Fiocina

Lance: translate from English into Korean

Translate lance into Korean}
창, 랜싯, 작살, 랜싯 창, 첨두 창, 랜싯 아치, 첨두 아치, 근대 기병이나 중세 기사의 창, 물고기를 찌르는 작살

Lance: translate from English into Russian

Translate lance into Russian}
Копье, Пика, Ланцет, Улан, Пронзать копьем, Острога, Бросаться в атаку, Вскрывать ланцетом, Пронзать пикой

Lance: translate from English into Spanish

Translate lance into Spanish}
Lanza, Lancear, Abrir con lanceta

Word origin

Middle English: from Old French lance (noun), lancier (verb), from Latin lancea (noun).

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