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Knocker – definition


A metal or wooden object hinged to a door and rapped by visitors to attract attention and gain entry.

Usage examples:

Brighton lifted the brass knocker on the door, and let it drop.

A person who continually finds fault.

Usage examples:

What do the bush detractors and the america knockers say now?

A woman's breasts.


(in folklore) a spirit or goblin believed to inhabit mines and indicate the location of ore by knocking.


A metal object attached to the outside surface of a door in such a way that it can be hit against the door to make a noise, getting the attention of those inside

Knocker translation into English

Knocker: translate from English into Chinese

Translate knocker into Chinese (Simplified)}

Knocker: translate from English into Dutch

Translate knocker into Dutch}
Klopper, Klopgeest

Knocker: translate from English into French

Translate knocker into French}
Heurtoir, Marteau, Tapette

Knocker: translate from English into German

Translate knocker into German}
Klopfer, Titte

Knocker: translate from English into Hindi

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Knocker: translate from English into Italian

Translate knocker into Italian}
Battente, Martello

Knocker: translate from English into Korean

Translate knocker into Korean}
두드리는 사람, 문 두드리는 고리쇠, 현관의 문 두드리는 고리쇠

Knocker: translate from English into Russian

Translate knocker into Russian}
Молоток, Придира, Дверной молоток, Дверное кольцо, Буфера, Сиськи, Сигнальный молоток, Тот, кто стучит

Knocker: translate from English into Spanish

Translate knocker into Spanish}
Aldaba, Detractor, Aldabada, Crítico

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