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The meaning of Keep-down

Keep-down – definition


Place a limit on the number of

phrasal verb

Stay hidden by crouching or lying down.

Usage examples:

Keep down! there's someone coming
phrasal verb

Cause something to remain at a low level.

Usage examples:

The population of aphids is normally kept down by other animals
phrasal verb

Retain food or drink in one's stomach without vomiting.

Usage examples:

All i could keep down was water
phrasal verb

Cause someone to remain in a state of oppression or subjection.

Usage examples:

Others doubted the injury would keep him down that long
phrasal verb

Make a pupil repeat a year at school because of poor marks.

Usage examples:

Is a child who fails a year test to be kept down?
phrasal verb

To prevent something from increasing

Usage examples:

We need to keep down our costs., after the operation i couldn’t keep my food down.
phrasal verb

To control the size or number of something and prevent it from increasing

Usage examples:

To have any chance against the competition, we need to keep our prices down.

Keep-down translation into English

Keep-down: translate from English into Chinese

Translate keep-down into Chinese (Simplified)}
保持低调, 保留, 抑, 沉, 压迫

Keep-down: translate from English into Dutch

Translate keep-down into Dutch}
Laag houden, Bedwingen, In bedwang houden, Weren, Onderdrukken, Inhouden

Keep-down: translate from English into French

Translate keep-down into French}
Garder bas, Retenir, Maîtriser, Restreindre, Rester assis

Keep-down: translate from English into German

Translate keep-down into German}
Unten halten, Niedrig halten, Bei sich behalten, Unterdrücken, Drücken, Niederhalten, Unten bleiben, Bändigen, Unten lassen, Unter kontrolle halten, Im zaum halten, Hängen lassen, Sitzen lassen, Wiederholen lassen, Nicht versetzen, Zurückstellen

Keep-down: translate from English into Hindi

Translate keep-down into Hindi}
नीचे रखें, दमन करना, दबाए रखना, दबाना, कुचल डालना, कुचलना, खिन्नचित्त करना, अत्याचार करना, जुल्म करना, जुल्म के साथ शासन करना

Keep-down: translate from English into Italian

Translate keep-down into Italian}
Stare giù, tenere al di sotto, Stare giù

Keep-down: translate from English into Korean

Translate keep-down into Korean}
앉은 채로있다, 몸을 누운 채로 있다, 몸을 앉은 채로 있다, 누운 채로 있다, 앉은 채로 있다, 반란 따위를 진압하다, 진압하다

Keep-down: translate from English into Russian

Translate keep-down into Russian}
Подавлять, Продолжать сидеть или лежать, Мешать развитию, Не вставать, Задерживать рост, Держать в подчинении

Keep-down: translate from English into Spanish

Translate keep-down into Spanish}
Mantener bajos, Mantener bajo, Contener, Dominar, Limitar, Vomitar, Oprimir, Sujetar, No dejar subir, Restringir a, Seguir acurrucado

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