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The meaning of Jinx

Jinx – definition


A person or thing that brings bad luck.

Usage examples:

One was never to wish luck to someone going hunting or fishing, as it was seen as a jinx

Bring bad luck to; cast an evil spell on.

Usage examples:

The play is jinxed

Said when two people inadvertently say the same thing at once.

Usage examples:

‘what's happened?’ we both say at exactly the same time. ‘jinx!’

Jinx translation into English

Jinx: translate from English into Chinese

Translate jinx into Chinese (Simplified)}

Jinx: translate from English into Dutch

Translate jinx into Dutch}
Jinx, Vloek, Beheksen, Doem

Jinx: translate from English into French

Translate jinx into French}
Porte-poisse, Porter la guigne

Jinx: translate from English into German

Translate jinx into German}
Verhexen, Bann, Zauberspruch

Jinx: translate from English into Hindi

Translate jinx into Hindi}
बदकिस्मती, मनहूस, अभाग्य, अशुभ

Jinx: translate from English into Italian

Translate jinx into Italian}
Sfiga, Iettatore, Iettatura

Jinx: translate from English into Korean

Translate jinx into Korean}
재수 없는 물건, 재수 불길한 물건, 재수 없는 사람, 재수 불길한 사람, 불운을 가져다 주다, 남에게 불운을 가져다 주다

Jinx: translate from English into Russian

Translate jinx into Russian}
Сглазить, Приносить несчастье, Дурной глаз, Вещь, приносящая несчастье, Человек, приносящий несчастье

Jinx: translate from English into Spanish

Translate jinx into Spanish}
Gafe, Cenizo, Gafar, Traer mala suerte, Traer mala fortuna, Traer mal destino, Duendecillo

Word origin

early 20th century (originally US): probably a variant of jynx ‘wryneck’ (because the bird was used in witchcraft).

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