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The meaning of Incur


Incur – definition


Become subject to (something unwelcome or unpleasant) as a result of one's own behaviour or actions.

Usage examples:

I will pay any expenses incurred

To experience something bad as a result of actions you have taken

Usage examples:

We incurred heavy expenses to repair the poor work done by the builder.

To be made to lose money or have to pay a charge

Usage examples:

Incur a charge/fine/fee, companies incur additional costs in dealing with non-paying customers., th…

Incur translation into English

Incur: translate from English into Chinese

Translate incur into Chinese (Simplified)}
招致, 蒙受, 招惹, 致, 吃, 招引, 讨

Incur: translate from English into Dutch

Translate incur into Dutch}
Oplopen, Zich op den hals stellen

Incur: translate from English into French

Translate incur into French}
Encourir, Subir

Incur: translate from English into German

Translate incur into German}
Eingehen, Erleiden, Laufen, Auf sich ziehen, Sich etw zuziehen

Incur: translate from English into Hindi

Translate incur into Hindi}
अपने ऊपर लेना, उठाना, झेलना, लेना, झलिना, सहना, दायित्व देना, ग्रस्त होना, (व्यय) करना

Incur: translate from English into Italian

Translate incur into Italian}
Incorrere, Sostenere, Incorrere in, Attirarsi, Esporsi a

Incur: translate from English into Korean

Translate incur into Korean}

Incur: translate from English into Russian

Translate incur into Russian}
Нести, Подвергаться, Навлечь на себя, Навлекать на себя

Incur: translate from English into Spanish

Translate incur into Spanish}
Incurrir en, Sufrir las consecuencias, Sufrir daños

Word origin

late Middle English: from Latin incurrere, from in- ‘towards’ + currere ‘run’.

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