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The meaning of Hold-down

Hold-down – definition



phrasal verb

Prevent someone from moving by holding them firmly.

Usage examples:

I held him down until the police arrived
phrasal verb

Succeed in keeping a job or position for a period of time.

Usage examples:

Holding down two jobs was proving tiring for him
phrasal verb

To stay working in a job

Usage examples:

He’s never been able to hold down a steady job., hold down the noise in there, kids!
phrasal verb

To keep something at a low level or to prevent it from rising

Usage examples:

The fed held down interest rates to encourage growth in the economy., he couldn't hold down a job f…

Hold-down translation into English

Hold-down: translate from English into Chinese

Translate hold-down into Chinese (Simplified)}
按住, 压, 阻止, 懿

Hold-down: translate from English into Dutch

Translate hold-down into Dutch}
Ingedrukt houden, Ondergeschikt maken

Hold-down: translate from English into French

Translate hold-down into French}
Maintenez enfoncé, Maîtriser, Battre, Se reculer

Hold-down: translate from English into German

Translate hold-down into German}
Runter halten, Festhalten, Niederhalten, Unten halten, Niedrig halten, Unterdrücken, Haben, Unter kontrolle halten

Hold-down: translate from English into Hindi

Translate hold-down into Hindi}
बरक़रार रखना, नियंत्रि‍त रखना

Hold-down: translate from English into Italian

Translate hold-down into Italian}
Tieni premuto

Hold-down: translate from English into Korean

Translate hold-down into Korean}
잠시만요, 억누르다, 덮치다

Hold-down: translate from English into Russian

Translate hold-down into Russian}
Удерживать, Держать в подчинении, Не потерять

Hold-down: translate from English into Spanish

Translate hold-down into Spanish}
Sujetar, Oprimir, Mantenerse, Estar, Estar a la altura, Subyugar

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