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The meaning of Heaved


Heaved – definition


Lift or haul (something heavy) with great effort.

Usage examples:

She heaved the sofa back into place

Produce (a sigh).

Usage examples:

He heaved a euphoric sigh of relief

Rise and fall rhythmically or spasmodically.

Usage examples:

His shoulders heaved as he panted

An act of heaving.

Usage examples:

With that last heave, maurice's anchor wrenched clear of the mud

A sideways displacement in a fault.

Usage examples:

In most, if not all, cases it is clear that volumetric contraction has occurred with horizontal con…

Past simple and past participle of heave

Usage examples:

He heaved the bag onto his shoulder., he cleared a space, heaving boxes out of the way., she picked…

Heaved translation into English

Heaved: translate from English into Chinese

Translate heaved into Chinese (Simplified)}
举起, 鼓起, 波荡, 抛出, 竖起, 竦竦, 竦秀, 竦峙

Heaved: translate from English into Dutch

Translate heaved into Dutch}
Opgetild, Rijzen, Slaken, Heffen, Lichten, Op en neer gaan, Optillen, Opheffen, Gooien, Ophijsen, Onnemen, Werpen, Zich omkeren, Zich verheffen, Zwoegen, Zich inspannen

Heaved: translate from English into French

Translate heaved into French}
Soulevé, Lever, Vomir, Traîner, Faire un effort, Lutter

Heaved: translate from English into German

Translate heaved into German}
Gehievt, Heben, Hieven, Wuchten, Werfen, Wogen, Hochheben, Sich heben, Ziehen, Hochhieven, Ausstoßen, Schleppen, Sich heben und senken, Schmeißen, Wenden, Sich umdrehen, Sich krümmen

Heaved: translate from English into Hindi

Translate heaved into Hindi}
बरसाये, भारी वस्तु को उठाना, बोझा उठाना, आह भरना

Heaved: translate from English into Italian

Translate heaved into Italian}
Sollevato, Tirare, Sollevare, Sollevarsi, Alzare, Gonfiarsi, Emettere, Ansimare, Gettare, Alzarsi, Avere conati di vomito, Alzare con sforzo

Heaved: translate from English into Korean

Translate heaved into Korean}
들뜬, 올리다, 괴로운 듯이 내다, 던지다, 오르다, 메스껍다, 들어올리게 하다, 밧줄로 끌어 올리다, 밧줄로 끌어 끌다, 끌어당기다, 밧줄 따위를 손으로 끌다, 밧줄 따위를 손으로 감다

Heaved: translate from English into Russian

Translate heaved into Russian}
Вздымается, Бросать, Вздыматься, Тужиться, Тянуть, Поворачиваться, Напрягаться, Поднимать, Поднимать тяжесть, Тянуть канат, Швырять, Подниматься и опускаться, Идти, Перемещать, Поворачивать, Испускать, С трудом издавать, Делать усилия

Heaved: translate from English into Spanish

Translate heaved into Spanish}
Levantado, Levantar, Exhalar, Empujar, Tirar, Palpitar, Agitarse, Lanzar, Subir y bajar, Llevar, Arrastrar, Ondular, Basquear, Tener náuseas, Arrojar

Word origin

Old English hebban, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch heffen and German heben ‘lift up’.

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