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Goose – definition


A large waterbird with a long neck, short legs, webbed feet, and a short broad bill. generally geese are larger than ducks and have longer necks and shorter bills.

Usage examples:

It also has contributed to the decrease of water fowl such as duck, geese, curlew, plover and snipe.

A foolish person.

Usage examples:

‘silly goose,’ he murmured fondly

A tailor's smoothing iron.

Usage examples:

A goose is a tailor's iron; a donkey is a special board used for pressing sleeves and the shears ar…

Poke (someone) in the bottom.

Usage examples:

Michael nunn and billy trevitt started goosing me in a sensitive spot and i couldn't stop laughing.

Give (something) a boost; invigorate.

Usage examples:

The government's desire to goose the tired housing market

A large bird that lives by water


The thing that makes you the most money

Usage examples:

The fuel and energy sector is the goose that lays the golden eggs., raising entry prices to tourist…

Goose translation into English

Goose: translate from English into Chinese

Translate goose into Chinese (Simplified)}
鹅, 鹅肉, 嘘骂, 糊涂人

Goose: translate from English into Dutch

Translate goose into Dutch}
Gans, Eend, Gansje, Uilskuiken, Persijzer

Goose: translate from English into French

Translate goose into French}
Oie, Bête

Goose: translate from English into German

Translate goose into German}
Gans, Dummkopf

Goose: translate from English into Hindi

Translate goose into Hindi}
बत्तख, हंस, कलहंस, दरजी का इस्री करने का लोहा, दरजी की इस्त्री, लोहा, बत्तख की मांस

Goose: translate from English into Italian

Translate goose into Italian}

Goose: translate from English into Korean

Translate goose into Korean}
거위, 바보, 야유, 재봉사의 다리미, 구우즈

Goose: translate from English into Russian

Translate goose into Russian}
Гусь, Гусыня, Гусятина, Дурак, Простушка, Освистывать, Подгонять, Дурень, Простак, Простофиля, Глупец, Портновский утюг, Гладить портновским утюгом

Goose: translate from English into Spanish

Translate goose into Spanish}
Ganso, Oca, Ánsar, Meter mano a, Palpar

Word origin

Old English gōs, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch gans and German Gans, from an Indo-European root shared by Latin anser and Greek khēn .

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