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The meaning of Gobbles


Gobbles – definition


(of a turkeycock) make a characteristic swallowing sound in the throat.

Usage examples:

Back in 1505, turkeys were still gobbling innocently around america.

To eat quickly and sometimes with a lot of noise

Usage examples:

[ m ] she gobbled up/down her lunch and hurried back.

Gobbles translation into English

Gobbles: translate from English into Chinese

Translate gobbles into Chinese (Simplified)}
狼吞虎咽, 吞并, 咯咯叫, 吞没, 大吃, 咯咯叫声

Gobbles: translate from English into Dutch

Translate gobbles into Dutch}
Slokt, Opslokken, Schrokken, Vraat, Vreetzak

Gobbles: translate from English into French

Translate gobbles into French}
Gobe, Glouglou, Engouffrer, Bâfrer, Glousser

Gobbles: translate from English into German

Translate gobbles into German}
Verschlingt, Verschlingen, Kollern, Schlingen, Schmatzen

Gobbles: translate from English into Hindi

Translate gobbles into Hindi}
गोबल्स, शब्द करते हुए जल्दी जल्दी खाना

Gobbles: translate from English into Italian

Translate gobbles into Italian}
Divora, Trangugiare, Ingoiare, Ingurgitare, Pappare, Ingozzare, Ingollare

Gobbles: translate from English into Korean

Translate gobbles into Korean}
먹다, 펠라티오, 칠면조의 울음소리, 게걸스럽게 먹다, 울음소리를 내다

Gobbles: translate from English into Russian

Translate gobbles into Russian}
Поглощает, Пожирать, Кулдыкать, Злобно бормотать, Быстро есть, Есть с жадностью, Жадно глотать, Кулдыканье

Gobbles: translate from English into Spanish

Translate gobbles into Spanish}
Engulle, Engullir, Tragarse, Gluglutear, Gluglú, Glugluteo, Hacer un glugluteo

Word origin

late 17th century: imitative, perhaps influenced by gobble1.

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