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The meaning of Glare

Glare – definition


(of the sun or an electric light) shine with a strong or dazzling light.

Usage examples:

The sun glared out of a clear blue sky

A fierce or angry stare.

Usage examples:

She gave harley a glare of contempt

Strong and dazzling light.

Usage examples:

Murray narrowed his eyes against the glare of the sun

Dazzling or showy appearance.

Usage examples:

The pomp and glare of rhetoric

To look at someone angrily and without moving your eyes

Usage examples:

He kept talking during the concert, and people were glaring at him., the sun glared on the snow and…

Glare translation into English

Glare: translate from English into Chinese

Translate glare into Chinese (Simplified)}
强光, 怒视, 怒目而视, 瞪, 阳光, 晖映, 烁, 发眩光

Glare: translate from English into Dutch

Translate glare into Dutch}
Schittering, Fel licht, Verblindende glans, Woeste blik, Schitteren, Felle gloed, Woest kijken, Hel schijnen, Hel flikkeren

Glare: translate from English into French

Translate glare into French}
Éblouissement, Éclat, Long regard, Regard de mépris, Regarder sans retourner, Éclater

Glare: translate from English into German

Translate glare into German}
Blendung, Glanz, Blenden, Grelles licht, Blendendes licht, Greller schein, Glänzen, Starren, Funkeln, Grellheit, Strahlen, Funkelnder blick

Glare: translate from English into Hindi

Translate glare into Hindi}
चमक, चौंधाना, शीशे के समान, उग्र प्रकाश, तीव्र प्रकाश से चमकना, चौंधना, चौंधानेवाला प्रकाश, चौंध, तरेरना, चटकीला होना, जगमगाना, चमचमाना

Glare: translate from English into Italian

Translate glare into Italian}
Bagliore, Luce, Sguardo furioso, Sguardo feroce, Sfolgorare, Splendere luce abbagliante, Splendore accecante, Guardare con aria feroce

Glare: translate from English into Korean

Translate glare into Korean}
섬광, 쏘아보다, 눈을 부릅뜨고 나타나다, 현란하다, 눈을 부라리다, 빤짝빤짝 빛나다, 노려봄

Glare: translate from English into Russian

Translate glare into Russian}
Яркий свет, Ослепительный блеск, Свирепый взгляд, Блестящая мишура, Бросаться в глаза, Свирепо смотреть, С ненавистью смотреть, Гладкий и прозрачный, Ослепительно сверкать, Слепящая яркость

Glare: translate from English into Spanish

Translate glare into Spanish}
Destello, Deslumbramiento, Brillo, Mirada penetrante, Mirada feroz, Deslumbrar, Luminosidad, Luz deslumbradora, Reverbero, Relumbrar, Mirar ferozmente, Echar fuego por los ojos

Word origin

Middle English (in the sense ‘shine strongly’): from Middle Dutch and Middle Low German glaren ‘to gleam, glare’: perhaps related to glass. The sense ‘stare’ occurred first in the adjective g

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