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The meaning of Glance


Glance – definition


Hit something at an angle and bounce off obliquely.

Usage examples:

The stone glanced off a crag and hit tom on the head

A brief or hurried look.

Usage examples:

I stole a glance at john

A flash or gleam of light.

Usage examples:

Fish … sporting with quick glance, show to the sun their wav'd coats

A stroke with the bat's face turned slantwise to deflect the ball slightly.

Usage examples:

The short boundaries looked even smaller with his glances, off-drives and swings through midwicket.

A shiny black or grey sulphide ore of lead, copper, or other metal.

Usage examples:

Lead glance

A quick look at someone or something

Usage examples:

The driver gave a glance back as he moved into the passing lane., she glanced around the room to se…

Glance translation into English

Glance: translate from English into Chinese

Translate glance into Chinese (Simplified)}
一目了然, 一瞥, 浏览, 瞥, 瞥见, 瞰, 翻阅, 矙

Glance: translate from English into Dutch

Translate glance into Dutch}
Oogopslag, Blik, Kijken, Glans, Blik werpen op, Schitteren, Afschampen, Glinsteren, Schampschot, Blinken, Flikkering, Oogopslag werpen

Glance: translate from English into French

Translate glance into French}
Coup d'œil, Étinceler, Lancer un regard, Regard rapide, Reflet, Lueur, Cligner, Faire un signe, Jeter un coup d'œil

Glance: translate from English into German

Translate glance into German}
Blick, Blicken, Schauen, Sehen, Flüchtiger blick

Glance: translate from English into Hindi

Translate glance into Hindi}
नज़र, झलक, ग्लांस, निगाह डालना, निगाह फेंकना, उचटती नज़र से देखना, चमकना, प्रभा, जगमगाना

Glance: translate from English into Italian

Translate glance into Italian}
Occhiata, Sguardo, Gettare uno sguardo, Guardare brevemente, Deviare, Far rimbalzare, Dare un'occhiata

Glance: translate from English into Korean

Translate glance into Korean}
섬광, 일별, 얼른 보다, 힐끗 봄, 흘긋 주다, 빗나가다, 번득이다, 잠깐 언급하다, 빗나감

Glance: translate from English into Russian

Translate glance into Russian}
Взглянуть мельком, Взгляд, Взглянуть, Глянуть, Беглый взгляд, Блеск, Быстрый взгляд, Мельком взглянуть, Бегло просмотреть, Скользнуть, Вспышка, Полировать, Сверкание, Перескакивать, Отражаться, Бросать взгляд, Мелькнуть, Сверкнуть, Замечать, Блеснуть, Наводить глянец

Glance: translate from English into Spanish

Translate glance into Spanish}
Vistazo, Mirada, Ojeada, Mirar

Word origin

late Middle English: from German Glanz ‘brightness, lustre’; compare with Dutch glanserts ‘glance ore’.

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