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The meaning of Girdled


Girdled – definition


Encircle (the body) with a girdle.

Usage examples:

The friar loosened the rope that girdled his waist

Cut through the bark all the way round (a tree or branch), typically in order to kill it or to kill a branch to make the tree more fruitful.

Usage examples:

Sometimes the trees were completely girdled and died

A belt or cord worn round the waist.

Usage examples:

Her waist was defined by a gold chain girdle

A woman's elasticated corset extending from waist to thigh.

Usage examples:

She wears corsets and girdles, tight and uncomfortable

The part of a cut gem dividing the crown from the base and embraced by the setting.

Usage examples:

The stone is next mounted on a lathe and, using a second diamond, the points of the crystal are gro…

A ring made around a tree by removing bark.

Usage examples:

Girdling brought about carbohydrate (soluble sugar and starch) accumulation in leaves and shoot bar…

A heavy, flat iron plate that is heated and used for cooking food; a griddle.

Usage examples:

Place a girdle or heavy non-stick frying pan on a medium heat.

Past simple and past participle of girdle

Usage examples:

A garden girdled by oak trees

Girdled translation into English

Girdled: translate from English into Chinese

Translate girdled into Chinese (Simplified)}
束腰, 束, 包围

Girdled: translate from English into Dutch

Translate girdled into Dutch}
Omgord, Omgorden, Omringen, Omgeven

Girdled: translate from English into French

Translate girdled into French}
Ceinturé, Encercler, Baguer, Faire ceindre, Se ceindre

Girdled: translate from English into German

Translate girdled into German}

Girdled: translate from English into Hindi

Translate girdled into Hindi}
कमरबंद, लपेटना, कमरबन्द बांधना, पेटी से बांधना, वृक्ष के चारों ओर खाई बनाना

Girdled: translate from English into Italian

Translate girdled into Italian}

Girdled: translate from English into Korean

Translate girdled into Korean}
띠를 띠다, 띠로 조르다, 일주하다

Girdled: translate from English into Russian

Translate girdled into Russian}
Опоясанный, Кольцевать, Обнимать, Окружать, Подпоясывать

Girdled: translate from English into Spanish

Translate girdled into Spanish}
Ceñido, Ceñir, Hacer faja, Rodear por

Word origin

Old English gyrdel, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch gordel and German Gürtel, also to gird1 and girth.

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