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The meaning of Get off


Get off – definition

phrasal verb

Leave a vehicle, aircraft, etc.

phrasal verb

Escape a punishment; be acquitted.

Usage examples:

She got off lightly
phrasal verb

Send something by post.

Usage examples:

I must get these letters off first thing tomorrow
phrasal verb

Be excited or aroused by something.

Usage examples:

He was obviously getting off on the adrenaline of performing before the crowd
phrasal verb

To escape legal punishment, or to help someone escape legal punishment

Usage examples:

She was charged with fraud, but her lawyer got her off., he got off with a suspended sentence of th…
phrasal verb

To leave work with permission, usually at the end of the day

Usage examples:

If the factory workers have met their quotas for the week, they can get off early on friday afterno…

Get off translation into English

Get off: translate from English into Chinese

Translate get off into Chinese (Simplified)}
下车, 下, 继

Get off: translate from English into Dutch

Translate get off into Dutch}
Uitstappen, Zich wegmaken, Van buiten leren

Get off: translate from English into French

Translate get off into French}
Descendez, Descendre, Démarrer, Faire descendre, Se libérer, Envoyer, Prendre la fuite

Get off: translate from English into German

Translate get off into German}
Aussteigen, Bekommen, Absteigen, Weggehen, Davonkommen, Wegkommen, Loskommen, Kriegen, Aufstehen, Verschwinden, Aussteigen lassen, Abbekommen, Wegbringen, Wegbekommen, Heruntergehen, Einschlafen, Freikriegen, Wegkriegen, Gehen können, Freibekommen, Losschicken

Get off: translate from English into Hindi

Translate get off into Hindi}
उतर जाओ, भाग जाना, हट जाना, पीछा छुड़ाना, छुटकारा पाना, उतरना (घोड़े आदि से), रवाना, चल पड़ना, चला जाना, उतारना, नीचे आना, उतर आना, उतरना

Get off: translate from English into Italian

Translate get off into Italian}
Scendere, Smontare, Sbarcare, Cavare

Get off: translate from English into Korean

Translate get off into Korean}
내리다, 말하다, 보내다, ...의 형벌을 면하게 하다, 출발하다, ...를 면하다, ...에 들어가지 않다

Get off: translate from English into Russian

Translate get off into Russian}
Отправиться, Слезть, Отделаться, Слезать, Сходить, Отделываться, Вылезать, Откалывать, Подниматься, Снимать, Отрываться от земли, Спасаться, Начинать, Отправляться, Отбывать, Убегать, Отходить ко сну

Get off: translate from English into Spanish

Translate get off into Spanish}
Bajar, Bajar de, Apearse, Escapar, Quitarse, Librarse, Quitar, Desembarcar, Marcharse, Lograr, Quitarse de encima, Terminar con, Mandar, Aprender, Dormirse, Conciliar el sueño, Irse rápidamente, Sacar a flote, Despachar de, Escribir, Conciliar

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