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The meaning of Gerrymander

Gerrymander – definition


Manipulate the boundaries of (an electoral constituency) so as to favour one party or class.

Usage examples:

He said the party had impoverished its supporters and predicted that they would turn against the ru…

An instance of gerrymandering.

Usage examples:

As polsby points out, the art of the gerrymander is another instance with respect to which the cons…

To divide an area into election districts (= areas that elect someone) in a way that gives an unfair advantage to one group or political party

Usage examples:

Enlarging the district to dilute the latino vote is a blatant example of gerrymandering.

Gerrymander translation into English

Gerrymander: translate from English into Chinese

Translate gerrymander into Chinese (Simplified)}

Gerrymander: translate from English into Dutch

Translate gerrymander into Dutch}
Gerrymander, Vals voorstellen, Verkiezingscampagne

Gerrymander: translate from English into French

Translate gerrymander into French}
Faire du charcutage électoral

Gerrymander: translate from English into German

Translate gerrymander into German}

Gerrymander: translate from English into Hindi

Translate gerrymander into Hindi}
जालसाज़ी करना, चनाव से पहले की चालबाज़ी बनाना, चनाव से पहले की चालबाज़ी, चुनाव से पहले की चालबाजी, पक्ष विशेष के हित में चुनाव-क्षेत्रों का फेर-बदल, गड़बड़ मचाना, धाँधली करना, निर्वाचन से पहले का कूट-प्रबंध, निर्वाचन से पहले का कूट-प्रबंध करना

Gerrymander: translate from English into Italian

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Gerrymander, Manipolazione

Gerrymander: translate from English into Korean

Translate gerrymander into Korean}
속임수, 선거구를 제멋대로 개정하다, 야바위치다, 자기 당에 유리하게 개정하다, 자기 당에 유리한 선거구 개정

Gerrymander: translate from English into Russian

Translate gerrymander into Russian}
Джерримандер, Махинации, Фальсифицировать, Искажать факты, Устраивать предвыборные махинации, Предвыборные махинации

Gerrymander: translate from English into Spanish

Translate gerrymander into Spanish}
Falsificación de elecciones, Falsificar elecciones

Word origin

early 19th century: from the name of Governor Elbridge Gerry of Massachusetts + salamander, from the supposed similarity between a salamander and the shape of a new voting district on a map d

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