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The meaning of Generalise


Generalise – definition


Make a general or broad statement by inferring from specific cases.

Usage examples:

It is not easy to generalize about the poor

Make (something) more widespread or widely applicable.

Usage examples:

Attempts to generalize an elite education

To make a statement that relates to many people, things, or conditions, esp. when based on limited facts

Usage examples:

You can’t generalize about a continent as varied as africa.

Generalise translation into English

Generalise: translate from English into Chinese

Translate generalise into Chinese (Simplified)}
概括, 归纳

Generalise: translate from English into Dutch

Translate generalise into Dutch}

Generalise: translate from English into French

Translate generalise into French}

Generalise: translate from English into German

Translate generalise into German}

Generalise: translate from English into Hindi

Translate generalise into Hindi}
सामान्यीकरण, सामान्यीकरण करना, व्यापक बनाना, अस्पष्ट बोलना, अस्पष्ट कहना, सामान्य सिद्धान्त बना लेना, विशेष से सामान्य अनुमान निकालना

Generalise: translate from English into Italian

Translate generalise into Italian}

Generalise: translate from English into Korean

Translate generalise into Korean}
일반화하다, 개괄하다, 종합하다, 일반성만을 그리다, 일반적으로 말하다, 총괄하다

Generalise: translate from English into Russian

Translate generalise into Russian}
Обобщать, Распространять, Делать общие выводы, Вводить в общее употребление, Придавать неопределенность, Говорить неопределенно, Говорить в общей форме, Сводить к общим законам

Generalise: translate from English into Spanish

Translate generalise into Spanish}
Generalizar, Encabezar

Word origin

Middle English (in the sense ‘reduce to a general statement’): from general + -ize.

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