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The meaning of Gel

Gel – definition


A a thick, clear, slightly sticky substance, especially one used in cosmetic or medicinal products.

Usage examples:

Hair gel

A semi-rigid slab or cylinder of an organic polymer used as a medium for the separation of macromolecules.


(of a liquid or semi-liquid substance) set or become more solid.

Usage examples:

The stew is gelling

(of a project or idea) take a definite form or begin to work well.

Usage examples:

Everything seemed to gel for the magazine

Apply gel to (the hair).

Usage examples:

They'd gelled their hair

An upper-class or well-bred girl or young woman.

Usage examples:

Fastidiously reared home counties gels

Georgian lari(s).

Gel translation into English

Gel: translate from English into Chinese

Translate gel into Chinese (Simplified)}
凝胶, 冻胶, 凝胶体

Gel: translate from English into Dutch

Translate gel into Dutch}
Gel, Gelei, Vaste vorm krijgen

Gel: translate from English into French

Translate gel into French}
Gel, Colloïde, Épaissir, Prendre tournure

Gel: translate from English into German

Translate gel into German}
Gel, Gelieren, Fest werden, Gestalt annehmen

Gel: translate from English into Hindi

Translate gel into Hindi}
जेल, एक लगभग ठोस चिपचिपा घोल

Gel: translate from English into Italian

Translate gel into Italian}

Gel: translate from English into Korean

Translate gel into Korean}

Gel: translate from English into Russian

Translate gel into Russian}
Гель, Образовывать гель

Gel: translate from English into Spanish

Translate gel into Spanish}
Gel, Pasta de pelo

Word origin

mid 19th century: representing a pronunciation of girl.

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