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The meaning of Gargles

Gargles – definition


Wash one's mouth and throat with a liquid that is kept in motion by breathing through it with a gurgling sound.

Usage examples:

He gargled with alcohol for toothache

An act or the sound of gargling.

Usage examples:

A swig and gargle of mouthwash

To wash your mouth or throat by holding liquid in your mouth, keeping your head back, and breathing out slowly through the mouth

Usage examples:

For a sore throat, gargle with warm salt water.

Gargles translation into English

Gargles: translate from English into Chinese

Translate gargles into Chinese (Simplified)}
漱口水, 漱口, 漱, 嗽口药

Gargles: translate from English into Dutch

Translate gargles into Dutch}
Gorgelt, Gorgelen, Gorgeldrank, Spoelen, Afspoelen, Spoeldrank

Gargles: translate from English into French

Translate gargles into French}
Se gargarise, Gargarisme, Se gargariser, Se faire un gargarisme

Gargles: translate from English into German

Translate gargles into German}
Gurgelt, Gurgeln, Gurgelwasser

Gargles: translate from English into Hindi

Translate gargles into Hindi}
गरारे करना, कुल्ला, कुल्ला करना, गलगला की द्रववस्तु, गलगला, गरारा, गला साफ़ करना, ग़रारे करना, गलगला करना, कुल्ली, ग़रारे-द्वारा साफ़ करना

Gargles: translate from English into Italian

Translate gargles into Italian}
Gargarismi, Gargarismo, Gargarizzare

Gargles: translate from English into Korean

Translate gargles into Korean}
가글, 양치질, 마시다, 입 안을 가시다, 한잔, 양치질하기, 양치질하다, 목 울리는 소리를 내다, 양치질하여 가시다, 목구멍 소리로 말하다

Gargles: translate from English into Russian

Translate gargles into Russian}
Полоскания, Полоскание, Полоскать горло, Полоскать, Прополоскать, Выполаскивать, Выпивка, Спиртное

Gargles: translate from English into Spanish

Translate gargles into Spanish}
Hacer gárgaras, Gárgaras, Gargarismo, Gárgara

Word origin

early 16th century: from French gargouiller ‘gurgle, bubble’, from gargouille ‘throat’ (see gargoyle).

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