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The meaning of Galvanizes


Galvanizes – definition


Shock or excite (someone) into taking action.

Usage examples:

The urgency of his voice galvanized them into action

Coat (iron or steel) with a protective layer of zinc.

Usage examples:

They promised they would galvanize the iron railings to prevent rusting

Galvanized steel sheeting, as used for roofing or fencing.

Usage examples:

The rain was beating hard against miss orilie's galvanize

To cause a person or group to suddenly take action, esp. by shocking or exciting them in some way

Usage examples:

Why not use the media to galvanize the community into action?

Galvanizes translation into English

Galvanizes: translate from English into Chinese

Translate galvanizes into Chinese (Simplified)}
镀锌, 通电

Galvanizes: translate from English into Dutch

Translate galvanizes into Dutch}
Galvaniseert, Galvaniseren, Opzweren

Galvanizes: translate from English into French

Translate galvanizes into French}
Galvanise, Galvaniser, Pousser, Donner un coup de fouet

Galvanizes: translate from English into German

Translate galvanizes into German}
Galvanisiert, Galvanisieren, Verzinken, Elektrisieren

Galvanizes: translate from English into Hindi

Translate galvanizes into Hindi}
गैल्वनाइज, प्रेरित करना, बिजली द्वारा धातु चढ़ाना, जस्ता वढ़ाना, कलई करना

Galvanizes: translate from English into Italian

Translate galvanizes into Italian}
Galvanizza, Zincare, Galvanizzare

Galvanizes: translate from English into Korean

Translate galvanizes into Korean}
아연 도금, 직류 전기로 자극하다, 갑자기 활기를 띠게 하다, 갑자기 활기를 띠게 기운이 나게 하다, 아연 도금을 하다

Galvanizes: translate from English into Russian

Translate galvanizes into Russian}
Гальванизирует, Гальванизировать, Оцинковывать, Оживлять, Возбуждать

Galvanizes: translate from English into Spanish

Translate galvanizes into Spanish}
Galvaniza, Galvanizar

Word origin

early 19th century (in the sense ‘stimulate by electricity’): from French galvaniser (see Galvani, Luigi).

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