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Gage – definition


A valued object deposited as a guarantee of good faith.

Usage examples:

The same process, involving distraints and blockade, may be used not only in pleas begun by writ, b…

Offer (an object or one's life) as a guarantee of good faith.

Usage examples:

A guide sent to them by the headman of this place gaged his life as a forfeit if he failed

Variant spelling of gauge (noun).


Variant spelling of gauge (verb).


Another term for greengage.


An instrument that measures and gives a visual display of the amount, level, or contents of something.

Usage examples:

A fuel gauge

The thickness, size, or capacity of something, especially as a standard measure.


The position of a sailing ship to windward ( the weather gage ) or leeward ( the lee gage ) of another.

Usage examples:

The french fleet was heavily outnumbered but had the weather gage

Estimate or determine the amount, level, or volume of.

Usage examples:

Astronomers can gauge the star's intrinsic brightness

Measure the dimensions of (an object) with a gauge.

Usage examples:

When dry, the assemblies can be gauged exactly and planed to width

Something valuable that is given to a person or organization that has lent you money, which they can keep if you fail to pay back the loan

Gage translation into English

Gage: translate from English into Chinese

Translate gage into Chinese (Simplified)}
量具, 抵押品, 挑战, 以 ... 为担保

Gage: translate from English into Dutch

Translate gage into Dutch}
Peilen, Kaliber, Onderpand, Uitdaging, Op het spel zetten, Verbeuren

Gage: translate from English into French

Translate gage into French}
Jauge, Gage, Calibre, Jauger, Gabarit, Mesurer, Gant, Gager, Garantie, Estimer, Prévoir, Mettre en gage, Dissoudre, Pas

Gage: translate from English into German

Translate gage into German}
Messen, Lehre, Messgerät, Stärke, Spur, Spurweite, Kaliber, Maßstab, Spurbreite, Messinstrument, Ermessen, Prüfen, Schätzen, Beurteilen, Kalibrieren

Gage: translate from English into Hindi

Translate gage into Hindi}
पण, जमानत, ललकार, गिरवी रखना, बीड़ा, जाकड़, गेग, बन्धक, रेहन रखना

Gage: translate from English into Italian

Translate gage into Italian}
Gag, Calibro, Manometro, Pegno, Misuratore, Misura, Misurare, Indicatore, Scartamento, Valutare, Calibrare, Stimare, Stima

Gage: translate from English into Korean

Translate gage into Korean}
표준, 계량기, 표준 치수, 저당물, 용적, 수단, 담배, 싸구려 위스키, 도전의 표시, 풍향 또는 다른 배에 대한 배의 상대적 위치, 노출면의 길이, 서양자두의 우량 품종, 저당으로 잡히다

Gage: translate from English into Russian

Translate gage into Russian}
Датчик, Залог, Калибр, Шаблон, Толщина, Мера, Размер, Измерительный прибор, Сортамент, Эталон, Ширина колеи, Вызов на поединок, Масштаб, Номер, Критерий, Лекало, Положение относительно ветра, Способ оценки, Марихуана, Давать в качестве залога, Отдавать под залог, Измерять, Проверять, Выверять, Оценивать, Калибровать, Градуировать, Клеймить

Gage: translate from English into Spanish

Translate gage into Spanish}
Calibrar, Calibre, Calibrador, Indicador, Manómetro, Ancho, Prueba, Trocha, Medir, Gaje, Gálibo, Entrevía, Juzgar algo, Estimar, Pensar, Norma de medida

Word origin

Middle English (denoting a standard measure): from Old French gauge (noun), gauger (verb), variant of Old Northern French jauge (noun), jauger (verb), of unknown origin.

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