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The meaning of Fuzzy


Fuzzy – definition


Having a frizzy texture or appearance.

Usage examples:

Fuzzy fake-fur throw pillows

Relating to a form of set theory and logic in which predicates may have degrees of applicability, rather than simply being true or false. it has important uses in artificial intelligence and the design of control systems.

Usage examples:

An adaptive fuzzy control system prioritizes files for broadcast delivery or acquisition.

Not clear or not easily heard, seen, or understood

Usage examples:

Is the picture always fuzzy on your tv?, the basic facts of the story are starting to emerge though…

Fuzzy translation into English

Fuzzy: translate from English into Chinese

Translate fuzzy into Chinese (Simplified)}
模糊, 隐约, 有绒毛的

Fuzzy: translate from English into Dutch

Translate fuzzy into Dutch}
Vaag, Nevelig, Mistig, Heiig, Dampig

Fuzzy: translate from English into French

Translate fuzzy into French}
Flou, Confus, Crépu, Crêpelé

Fuzzy: translate from English into German

Translate fuzzy into German}
Verschwommen, Unscharf, Flaumig, Wuschelig, Schattenhaft

Fuzzy: translate from English into Hindi

Translate fuzzy into Hindi}

Fuzzy: translate from English into Italian

Translate fuzzy into Italian}
Sfocato, Confuso, Di peluria, Indistinto, Lanuginoso, Crespo

Fuzzy: translate from English into Korean

Translate fuzzy into Korean}
흐린, 흐트러진, 보풀 같은

Fuzzy: translate from English into Russian

Translate fuzzy into Russian}
Нечеткий, Пушистый, Неясный, Ворсистый, Запушенный, Неопределенный

Fuzzy: translate from English into Spanish

Translate fuzzy into Spanish}
Difuso, Borroso, Confuso, Velloso, Muy rizado, Nada claro

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