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The meaning of Fuzz


Fuzz – definition


A frizzy mass of hair or fibre.

Usage examples:

A fuzz of black hair

A buzzing or distorted sound, especially one deliberately produced as an effect on an electric guitar.

Usage examples:

But that track also has a midsection scored by the hot fuzz of an electric guitar, illustrating hon…

Make or become blurred or indistinct.

Usage examples:

Snow fuzzes the outlines of the signs

(of hair) become frizzy.

Usage examples:

Her hair fuzzed out uncontrollably in the heat

The police.

Usage examples:

Keep down! it's the fuzz!

Light, loose hairs or fibers, or a covering or mass of these

Usage examples:

He’s got a little adolescent fuzz on his upper lip., nylon doesn’t create fuzz like natural fibers.

Fuzz translation into English

Fuzz: translate from English into Chinese

Translate fuzz into Chinese (Simplified)}

Fuzz: translate from English into Dutch

Translate fuzz into Dutch}
Dons, Pluis

Fuzz: translate from English into French

Translate fuzz into French}
Duvet, Cheveux fin, Devenir flou, Duveter, Excroissance, Rousse

Fuzz: translate from English into German

Translate fuzz into German}
Flaum, Bulle, Unschärfen, Polyp, Wuschelkopf, Gemüse

Fuzz: translate from English into Hindi

Translate fuzz into Hindi}
परमाणु रूप में पृथक होना, फ़ुज्जी रूप में उड़ना, परमाणु हो के उड़ जाना, रूंआना

Fuzz: translate from English into Italian

Translate fuzz into Italian}
Lanugine, Peluria

Fuzz: translate from English into Korean

Translate fuzz into Korean}
솜털, 경찰, 잔털, 흐림, 순경, 보풀이 나다, 보풀이 나게 하다

Fuzz: translate from English into Russian

Translate fuzz into Russian}
Пушок, Пух, Пушинка, Пышные волосы, Полиция, Разлетаться, Бородка, Полицейский

Fuzz: translate from English into Spanish

Translate fuzz into Spanish}
Pelusa, Vello, Policía, Tamo

Word origin

1920s (originally US): of unknown origin.

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