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The meaning of Fustian

Fustian – definition


Thick, hard-wearing twilled cloth with a short nap, usually dyed in dark colours.

Usage examples:

The coarse fustian of prison clothing

Pompous or pretentious speech or writing.

Usage examples:

A smokescreen of fustian and fantasy

A thick, rough cotton cloth that lasts for a long time

Usage examples:

About 1577, a certain type of fustian became popular in the city of genoa., it was no hardship to c…

Fustian translation into English

Fustian: translate from English into Chinese

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Fustian: translate from English into Dutch

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Fustian, Flanel, Van flanel

Fustian: translate from English into French

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Fustian: translate from English into German

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Barchent-, Barchent, Schwulst, Schwülstig

Fustian: translate from English into Hindi

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निरर्थक, अतिशयोक्ति, एक प्रकार का मोटा सूती कपड़ा, आडम्बरमय

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푸스티안, 퍼스티언 천의, 퍼스티언 천, 과장한 말

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Фустианский, Фланелевый, Вельвет, Напыщенный, Напыщенный стиль, Напыщенные речи, Фланель, Надутый, Вельветовый

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Word origin

Middle English: from Old French fustaigne, from medieval Latin fustaneum, from ( pannus) fustaneus ‘cloth from Fostat’, a suburb of Cairo; fustian (sense 2) perhaps from the fact that fustian

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