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The meaning of Fry


Fry – definition


Cook (food) in hot fat or oil, typically in a shallow pan.

Usage examples:

She fried a rasher of bacon, a sausage and a slice of bread


Usage examples:

Drugs fry the brain

French fries; chips.

Usage examples:

By now, the fans have had their fill of burgers, fries, pizza, wings and nachos.

A fried dish or meal.

Usage examples:

Would you like a fry in the morning?
plural noun

Young fish, especially when newly hatched.

Usage examples:

I focused next on a little fish fry hiding on a bubble coral.

To cook food in hot oil or fat

Usage examples:

[ t ] she was frying eggs and getting the coffee ready., we had fried chicken and mashed potatoes f…

Fry translation into English

Fry: translate from English into Chinese

Translate fry into Chinese (Simplified)}
炒, 鱼苗, 炸, 油炸, 油煎, 秧, 熟, 烹, 鲰, 鲲, 用油炸

Fry: translate from English into Dutch

Translate fry into Dutch}
Frituren, Bakken, Braden, Broedsel, School van jonge wissen

Fry: translate from English into French

Translate fry into French}
Frire, Faire frire, Frai, Fretin, Poêler, Têtard, Se faire frire

Fry: translate from English into German

Translate fry into German}
Braten, Barbecue, Backen, Setzling, Kleine fische

Fry: translate from English into Hindi

Translate fry into Hindi}
तलना, भूनना, आग में भूनना, पकाया हुआ मांस, छोटी मछलियों का समुदाय

Fry: translate from English into Italian

Translate fry into Italian}
Friggere, Frittura, Fritto, Avannotto, Pesci minuti

Fry: translate from English into Korean

Translate fry into Korean}
튀김, 튀기다, 부치다, 흥분, 내장, 물고기 새끼, 작은 것, 튀김요리, 프라이회식, 기름으로 튀기다, 전기의자로 처형하다, 프라이로 되다, 전기의자로 처형되다, 전유하다

Fry: translate from English into Russian

Translate fry into Russian}
Жарить, Мальки, Жаркое, Обжаривать, Жариться, Мелюзга, Мелкая рыбешка, Жареное мясо, Поджариваться, Зажаривать, Пикник

Fry: translate from English into Spanish

Translate fry into Spanish}
Freír, Fritada, Pececillo, Freírse, Estrellar

Word origin

Middle English: from Old Norse frjó .

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