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The meaning of Foam

Foam – definition


A mass of small bubbles formed on or in liquid, typically by agitation or fermentation.

Usage examples:

A beer with a thick head of foam

Form or produce a mass of small bubbles; froth.

Usage examples:

The sea foamed beneath them

A mass of small, usually white, bubbles formed on the surface of a liquid

Usage examples:

The waves were high and capped with foam., the suds in the sink foamed up when she added hot water.

Foam translation into English

Foam: translate from English into Chinese

Translate foam into Chinese (Simplified)}
泡沫, 起泡, 沫

Foam: translate from English into Dutch

Translate foam into Dutch}
Schuim, Schuimen, Bruisen, Tintelen

Foam: translate from English into French

Translate foam into French}
Mousse, Écume, Bouillonner, Baver, Faire écumer, S'écumer

Foam: translate from English into German

Translate foam into German}
Schaum, Schäumen, Aufschäumen, Gischt, Brausen

Foam: translate from English into Hindi

Translate foam into Hindi}
झाग, फोम, फेन, समुद्र, फेन से भर जाना, झाग पैदा करना, फेनिल होना, झागदार होना

Foam: translate from English into Italian

Translate foam into Italian}
Schiuma, Schiumare, Spuma, Spumeggiare

Foam: translate from English into Korean

Translate foam into Korean}
거품, 거품 이는 바다, 거품 일게 하다, 거품이 인 땀, 거품이 일다, 거품을 일으키며 흘러들다, 거품을 일으키며 흘러가다, 거품을 내뿜으며 화내다, 구슬땀을 흘리다

Foam: translate from English into Russian

Translate foam into Russian}
Мыло, Пена, Пениться, Вспениваться, Море, Взмылиться, Покрываться пеной, Быть в бешенстве

Foam: translate from English into Spanish

Translate foam into Spanish}
Espuma, Espumar, Echar espuma, Meter espuma, Poner espuma

Word origin

Old English fām (noun), fǣman (verb), of West Germanic origin; related to Old High German feim (noun), feimen (verb).

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