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The meaning of Fidgets


Fidgets – definition


Make small movements, especially of the hands and feet, through nervousness or impatience.

Usage examples:

The audience began to fidget and whisper

A person who fidgets.

Usage examples:

He was also a bit of a fidget, i'd observed him earlier in the day spending a good 30 minutes clear…

Fidgets translation into English

Fidgets: translate from English into Chinese

Translate fidgets into Chinese (Simplified)}
坐立不安, 瞎忙, 慌张, 乱忙, 烦躁不安的人, 坐不住的人

Fidgets: translate from English into Dutch

Translate fidgets into Dutch}
Friemelt, Wriemelen, Heendraaien, Drukte, Onrustig zitten, Ronddraaien, Zenuwachtig persoon, Onrust, Zenuwachtige gejaagdheid, Zitten te draaien

Fidgets: translate from English into French

Translate fidgets into French}
S'agite, Impatience, Faire attention aux détails, Inquiétude, Donner des signes d'impatience

Fidgets: translate from English into German

Translate fidgets into German}
Zappelt, Zappeln, Herumzappeln, Hampeln, Hampelmann, Quecksilber, Nervös sein

Fidgets: translate from English into Hindi

Translate fidgets into Hindi}
फिजूलखर्ची, कुलबुलाहट, चंचलता, चंचल होना, चुलबुलाना

Fidgets: translate from English into Italian

Translate fidgets into Italian}
Irrequietezza, Agitarsi, Dimenarsi, Essere irrequieto, Trovarsi a disagio, Infastidire, Dimenare

Fidgets: translate from English into Korean

Translate fidgets into Korean}
안절부절, 안절부절 못함, 안절부절 못하다, 안절부절 못하게 하다, 침착하지 못한 사람, 만지작거리다

Fidgets: translate from English into Russian

Translate fidgets into Russian}
Непоседы, Суетливые движения, Нервные движения

Fidgets: translate from English into Spanish

Translate fidgets into Spanish}
Agitación nerviosa

Word origin

late 17th century: from obsolete or dialect fidge ‘to twitch’; perhaps related to Old Norse fikja ‘move briskly, be restless or eager’.

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