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The meaning of Feeing

Feeing – definition


Make a payment to (someone) in return for services.

Usage examples:

Others offer discounts on software purchases to subscribers of their once-free, now fee'd, online s…

A payment made to a professional person or to a professional or public body in exchange for advice or services.

Usage examples:

They were faced with legal fees of £3000

An estate of land, especially one held on condition of feudal service.

Usage examples:

Property division and the redemption of feudal fees aroused numerous disputes between feudatories a…

Feeing translation into English

Feeing: translate from English into Chinese

Translate feeing into Chinese (Simplified)}
费, 付, 给茶钱

Feeing: translate from English into Dutch

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Feeing: translate from English into French

Translate feeing into French}

Feeing: translate from English into German

Translate feeing into German}

Feeing: translate from English into Hindi

Translate feeing into Hindi}
फीसिंग, शुल्क देना, परखाना, फ़ीस देना

Feeing: translate from English into Italian

Translate feeing into Italian}
Compenso, Pagare un onorario a

Feeing: translate from English into Korean

Translate feeing into Korean}
먹이, 요금을 치르다

Feeing: translate from English into Russian

Translate feeing into Russian}
Чувство, Платить гонорар, Нанимать, Давать на чай

Feeing: translate from English into Spanish

Translate feeing into Spanish}
Tarifa, Pagar

Word origin

Middle English: from an Anglo-Norman French variant of Old French feu, fief, from medieval Latin feodum, feudum, ultimately of Germanic origin. Compare with feu, feud, and fief.

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