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The meaning of Earthy

Earthy – definition


Resembling or suggestive of earth or soil.

Usage examples:

An earthy smell

(of a person or their language) direct and uninhibited, especially about sexual subjects or bodily functions.

Usage examples:

Their good-natured vulgarity and earthy humour

Enjoying and being honest or clear about things connected to life, such as the body and emotions

Usage examples:

Some readers may not like his earthy humor., the cabin has an earthy smell.

Earthy translation into English

Earthy: translate from English into Chinese

Translate earthy into Chinese (Simplified)}
朴实的, 自然的, 泥土的

Earthy: translate from English into Dutch

Translate earthy into Dutch}
Aards, Aardsgezind, Wereldsgezind, Grondsgezind

Earthy: translate from English into French

Translate earthy into French}
Terreux, Truculent, Direct

Earthy: translate from English into German

Translate earthy into German}
Erdig, Derb, Kernig, Urtümlich, Urwüchsig, Grob, Roh

Earthy: translate from English into Hindi

Translate earthy into Hindi}
मिट्टी की, संसारिक, दुनियादार

Earthy: translate from English into Italian

Translate earthy into Italian}
Terroso, Di terra, Grossolano

Earthy: translate from English into Korean

Translate earthy into Korean}
거친, 흙의, 땅의, 지상의

Earthy: translate from English into Russian

Translate earthy into Russian}
Землистый, Земной, Земляной, Грубый, Грубоватый, Житейский

Earthy: translate from English into Spanish

Translate earthy into Spanish}
Terroso, Terreno, Grosero, Práctico, Tosco, Nada espiritual

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