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Duel – definition


A contest with deadly weapons arranged between two people in order to settle a point of honour.

Usage examples:

Twice he had seriously wounded men in duels

Fight a duel or duels.

Usage examples:

Shall we duel over this?

A prearranged fight with deadly weapons by two people


A formal fight, using guns or swords (= weapons with long, sharp blades), arranged esp. in the past between two people to decide an argument

Duel translation into English

Duel: translate from English into Chinese

Translate duel into Chinese (Simplified)}

Duel: translate from English into Dutch

Translate duel into Dutch}
Duel, Duelleren, Tweegevecht

Duel: translate from English into French

Translate duel into French}
Duel, Se battre en duel, Lutte

Duel: translate from English into German

Translate duel into German}
Duell, Zweikampf, Sich duellieren, Sich schlagen

Duel: translate from English into Hindi

Translate duel into Hindi}
द्वंद्वयुद्ध, मल्ल्युद्ध, मल्लयुद्ध

Duel: translate from English into Italian

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Duel: translate from English into Korean

Translate duel into Korean}
결투, 투쟁

Duel: translate from English into Russian

Translate duel into Russian}
Дуэль, Поединок, Драться на дуэли, Борьба, Состязание

Duel: translate from English into Spanish

Translate duel into Spanish}
Duelo, Batirse en duelo, Desafío, Guerra, Rivalidad

Word origin

late 15th century: from Latin duellum, archaic and literary form of bellum ‘war’, used in medieval Latin with the meaning ‘combat between two persons’, partly influenced by dualis ‘of two’. T

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