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The meaning of Drivel

Drivel – definition


Let saliva or mucus flow from the mouth or nose.

Usage examples:

The nurse leaves you to drivel, and never wipes your nose

Something written or said that is completely worthless; nonsense

Usage examples:

The papers are filled with drivel about movie stars.

Drivel translation into English

Drivel: translate from English into Chinese

Translate drivel into Chinese (Simplified)}
胡言乱语, 胡说, 胡说八道, 胡扯, 谵, 糊涂话

Drivel: translate from English into Dutch

Translate drivel into Dutch}
Geklets, Gewauwel, Geleuter, Gebazel, Leuteren, Wauwelen, Zeveren

Drivel: translate from English into French

Translate drivel into French}
Radotage, Radoter, Imbécillité, Bêtise, Agir d'une manière imbécile, Dire n'importe quoi

Drivel: translate from English into German

Translate drivel into German}
Gefasel, Faseln, Schwafeln, Geschwätz, Unsinn, Wischiwaschi, Schwätzerei, Sabberei, Schwafelei

Drivel: translate from English into Hindi

Translate drivel into Hindi}
बेहूदा बात, बकवाद, बेहोशी में बोलना, निरर्थक वचन, बेहूदा बात कहना, बकवाद कहना, राल निकालना

Drivel: translate from English into Italian

Translate drivel into Italian}
Sciocchezze, Ciance, Sbavare

Drivel: translate from English into Korean

Translate drivel into Korean}
군침, 어리석은 소리, 침을 흘리다, 철부지 소리를 하다, 낭비하다, 바보 소리를 하다

Drivel: translate from English into Russian

Translate drivel into Russian}
Вздор, Чушь, Пороть чушь, Бред, Бессмыслица, Болтовня, Ахинея, Глупая болтовня, Распиздеться, Растрачивать, Разбазаривать, Распустить слюни, Нести чепуху

Drivel: translate from English into Spanish

Translate drivel into Spanish}
Mentiras, Decir tonterías

Word origin

Old English dreflian (in drivel (sense 2 of the verb)), of uncertain origin; perhaps related to draff.

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