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Drifted – definition


Be carried slowly by a current of air or water.

Usage examples:

The cabin cruiser started to drift downstream

(especially of snow or leaves) be blown into heaps by the wind.

Usage examples:

Fallen leaves were starting to drift in the gutters

A continuous slow movement from one place to another.

Usage examples:

There was a drift to the towns

The general intention or meaning of an argument or someone's remarks.

Usage examples:

Maybe i'm too close to the forest to see the trees, if you catch my drift

A large mass of snow, leaves, or other material piled up or carried along by the wind.

Usage examples:

Four sheep were dug out of the drift

A horizontal or inclined passage following a mineral vein or coal seam.

Usage examples:

The drift led to another smaller ore chamber

An act of driving cattle or sheep.

Usage examples:

It was a cattle drift between the table valley settlement and the interior.

A ford.

Usage examples:

Namibia construction is building an 800 metre bridge which will elevate the road above the two drif…

Past simple and past participle of drift

Usage examples:

No one noticed that the boat had begun to drift out to sea., a mist drifted in from the marshes., a…

Drifted translation into English

Drifted: translate from English into Chinese

Translate drifted into Chinese (Simplified)}
飘过, 漂, 漂流, 飘移, 漂泊, 飘荡, 飘散, 飘洒, 漂游, 飘溢, 浮动, 游离, 游荡, 飘动, 飘蓬

Drifted: translate from English into Dutch

Translate drifted into Dutch}
Afgedreven, Drijven, Op drift zijn

Drifted: translate from English into French

Translate drifted into French}
Dérivé, Dériver, Flotter, Aller à la dérive, Voguer, Se dériver, S'amonceler, S'entasser

Drifted: translate from English into German

Translate drifted into German}
Trieb, Treiben, Driften, Wandern, Ziehen, Wehen, Wabern, Umherwandern

Drifted: translate from English into Hindi

Translate drifted into Hindi}
हो गए, ढेर लगना, ढेर लगाना, स्रोत से बहाकर ले जाया जाना

Drifted: translate from English into Italian

Translate drifted into Italian}
Alla deriva, Andare alla deriva, Derivare, Ammucchiarsi, Essere trasportato

Drifted: translate from English into Korean

Translate drifted into Korean}
표류, 불리어 쌓이다, 불어 보내다, 표류하다, 무작정 나아가다, 구멍을 뚫다, 구멍을 넓히다, 슬립하다, 표류시키다, 퇴적시키다

Drifted: translate from English into Russian

Translate drifted into Russian}
Дрейфовал, Дрейфовать, Плыть по течению, Пробивать отверстия, Относить ветром, Наносить ветром, Перемещаться по ветру, Быть пассивным, Скопляться кучами, Относить течением, Перемещаться по течению, Расширять отверстия, Относиться по течению, Наносить течением, Заметать

Drifted: translate from English into Spanish

Translate drifted into Spanish}
Desviado, Ir a la deriva, Flotar, Fluir, Irse a la deriva

Word origin

Middle English (in the sense ‘mass of snow, leaves, etc.’): originally from Old Norse drift ‘snowdrift, something driven’; in later use from Middle Dutch drift ‘course, current’, and (in drif

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